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Giving an IKEA Ribba picture ledge a faux marble update

Hands up who's tired of me faux marbling things? I'm afraid today I'm sharing a few pictures and the process of the latest unfortunate piece to be overcome by my mediocre marbling skills.

Going back quite a while, perhaps even before Cora was born, someone left a 6ft long IKEA Ribba picture ledge in our communal underground garage 'free to a good home' refuse area. I used [albeit smaller] Ribba ledge's in my brothers office update a few years ago and I really enjoyed how useful they are for styling [and restyling] a space without having to put a dozen holes in a wall. I brought the new to me ledge up to our apartment and there it sat, in the corner of our bedroom, for a very long time.

Someone had painted the picture ledge in a dark grey wall paint [ie - a paint in no way suitable for furniture], so I found it quite satisfying scraping off all the paint with an old library card. Once the picture ledge was clean, I painted it in four coats of white furniture paint. I knew for along time that I wouldn't keep it as it's original black as it was too close to the colour of our bedroom walls. I wanted the ledge to stand out from the wall and I figured, seeing as I faux marbled our bedside tables, I might as well see if I could do the same to the picture ledge. Matchy can sometimes be good [while also not being too matchy].

I used the same technique that I used when painting our bedside tables [see my tutorial here!] but in smaller amounts. The truth is that I didn't have time to give it the same amount of detail as our bedside tables since I wanted it done during one of Cora's naps. There's nothing that will make you paint faster than the threat of a hungry baby. 

I honestly didn't know how it would turn out, but I'm really pleased with it. It doesn't look like much now until I style it out a bit. It looks quite boring for, but it's already done so much for the wall in our bedroom that is so awkward to hang things on. Not too bad for a free project! 

Letter Board from April and the Bear

Do you ever set something aside as a treat for completing a particularly boring pile of paperwork or other such remedial task? I do. A lot. The things I reward myself with are not always things that need to be bought. Sometimes it's watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, or doing my nails during one of Cora's naps, but honestly, these days a lot of the rewards I set myself are things like take a shower alone in the bathroom or have lunch at lunch time. Sometimes I set myself fancier rewards and recently one of those things was a letter board from April and the Bear.

I've coveted things like letter boards for years [I played with my dad's letraset when I was young and have since loved the idea of personalising something in font], so when Siobhan started stocking letter boards at the beginning of this year, I waited for months until the time was right and last week I visited April and the Bear [when it was open - huzzah!] and wrapped my hands around it's dainty frame. 

I of course immediately became paralyzed with what to write once I got my board home [too many options. Do I just write HELLO?], so for now I'm very happy with punching in our favourite movie quotes. That should keep me busy for a few years. 

IKEA tjusig bench makeover with Rust-Oleum

Earlier this year Rincy of a little bird very sweetly messaged me asking if I could update a piece of furniture for her and her boyfriend's new apartment. I do love a good update, and especially after Rincy explained the thoughtful details she was looking for, I couldn't refuse.

Rincy bought the IKEA tjusig bench with shoe storage, which was black along with a lot of new pieces in their apartment. She wanted something a little more personal, so she asked for it to be painted along the lines of a duck egg blue and for her favourite lyrics to be included on the piece. I immediately contacted Rust-Oleum and asked if they would like to partner on this project with me, and a few days later I had all the supplies I needed.    

Rincy decided on their 'Blue Sky' Satin Finish Furniture Paint which as you can see, is the sweetest muted blue. I started by disassembling the bench, cleaned it and applied a layer of Surface Primer. This took the longest to do as I had to wait for good weather during a time that Robert was home so I could spray paint the bench outside and safely away from Cora. It was a while before these two conditions occurred at the same time [because Irish 'summer'], but once I had a break in the weather I started painting the bench. Using a small roller, I painted thin and even layers of Blue Sky onto the bench. I painted between 3 and 4 layers of paint across the disassembled bench, leaving a minimum of 12 hours between coats to give it ample drying time [EDIT - I should say that so long between coats is not necessary, I was just being cautious].

Once the bench was reassembled, it came to writing Rincy's sweet chosen lyrics [which had my singing for the rest of the day]. As Rincy explained, her favourite song ever ever was Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight'. I did 3 mock-ups of the top of the bench with different ways to write the lyrics on top and sent the options to Rincy. She loved the simple straightforwardness of the first option, so I got writing. 

Using a white graffiti marker from All City Graffiti, I slowly and carefully wrote the lyrics across the top of the bench. I had a large [like, really large] envelope to hand that I taped across the top and used as a guide to keep my wonky handwriting straight. Once one line was done, I moved the envelope down for the next line and continued on until the bench top was covered.

I [incredibly nervously] returned the bench to Rincy just the other day and thankfully, she really liked it. I always find when I work on something for so long by myself, I inevitably start to worry if it actually looks good. Like I'm too far down the rabbit hole to see out of it and I can't remember how things are supposed to look. But thank you, Rincy, for asking me to work on this project for you and for thinking my skills [and shoddy penmanship] good enough to have in your home and walk by every day. It was really special. 

DISCLOSURE - while this blog post is not sponsored, I did receive this paint and surface primer free of charge from Rust-Oleum. As always, all words and opinions are my own. I only work with companies I like and of course, think that you will too. Thank you for supporting the companies that support The Interior DIYer. 

#DrunkInteriors reunion - Manchester edition

Last weekend Maria [of Dinki Dots] and I escaped to Kimberly [of Swoon Worthy]'s house in Manchester for 3 days of absolute nonsense powered by alcohol, pyjamas, way too much food and serious catching up. 

Long ago, the three of us forged an online friendship that has become so close, that I can easily say that Kimberly and Maria are two of my best friends. You name it, we've talked about it. No topic is taboo and when one of us is stuck in a situation or just wants to rant [lord, the ranting], we know exactly who to turn to. The whole idea of online friendships has gone completely against what I was told growing up - be careful if you're chatting with someone online because they're out to kill you or at the very least, sell your kidneys

Maria and I took the risk and not only met in 2014, but shared a hotel room at Blogtacular and risked the other person possibly being a bit of a Buffalo Bill. But it was a risk that paid off and we had an incredible time. The following year Kimberly and Maria came to Dublin for 3 days of introverted carnage. It was Kimberly's turn this year and for anyone who follows Kimberly can only guess, it did not disappoint. 

I took loads of sneaky photos of Kimberly's house [which is mind blowing], but there's little-to-no need for me to share as her blog is the only way to view her home [plus, her photos vastly outweigh my hungover photography skills]. 

The first night we talked for 10 hours before heading to bed ahead of some Manchester touring the following day. I was lucky enough to stay in the Glam Cave and Maria slept in Kimberly's office [quite fitting really as each room we stayed in reflected our design styles]. 

The next day we lazily headed into Manchester and stopped by The Refuge for a few drinks ... 

I just can't. 

From there we went to another bar [which I can't remember the name of], wandered through some shops, and finally headed to the Grand Pacific for dinner and more drinks [this is called #DrunkInteriors, after all] ...

We had a fantastic and very posh meal in utterly beautiful surroundings at Grand Pacific, but we knew it was time to go when the out, out [circa Micky Flanagan] people showed up in tiny shorts and giant hair and expensive watches so we headed back to Kimberly's, got into our pyjamas, watched Bridesmaids and talked more shite. 

To say it was a fantastic weekend is an understatement. I didn't want to admit it, but I really needed a break to recharge my batteries [mom guilt was telling me not to and I was confusing wanting to have me time with you're abandoning your child?! I have learned these are two very different things].  

Thank you so much Kimberly, Maria and of course Wayne for putting up with me for 3 days, making me feel more than welcome and showing me a truly fantastic time. I already cannot wait for #DrunkInteriors round 3 when the wolf pack reunites next year ;) Big feels. Such love. 

Top 100 Interior Design Blogs for New Home Builders

Last week I got an email from Vision One Homes to say that The Interior DIYer had made it into their Top 100 Interior Design Blogs for New Home Builders. To be in the company of such incredible international bloggers is pretty flattering to say the least. It really is an honour to be included in such a list and situations like this really leave me with not much to say because I get awkward and then words don't work good. 

Thank you for including me, Vision One Homes. It means a lot to this blogger. 
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