Our wedding – the invitations

Slowly but surely I’m getting around to blogging our wedding details. I.e. our invitations. They’re little details like this that I adored pouring hours of thought into. 

Back in May of this year hubby and I met with Pretty as a Picture to schmooze over their invitations. The moment we saw the Harbor Beach template by Bella Figura, we both immediately loved it {I was so worried we would have such different taste}. That strong and unique silhouette backed with those stripes was what won us over.

We customised our invitations my replacing the anchor with a hydrangea*, converting it to black & white {there were b&w stripe details in our wedding, such as the boutonnieres / buttonholes} customizing and justifying the text. I adored the look of mixed texts while keeping a strong justification, to almost counter-act the fanciness of the border going on around it. 
Interestingly, I really liked the more masculine and stronger style text, while husband enjoyed the more detailed, italicized fonts. I was surprised at that one … 

I made a further, cheeky customization to our invitations. We were on a tight budget, so we didn’t opt for a second colour on our invitations {black counts as one}. In stead, when we got our invites, I took it upon myself to add some colour. For the record, I would not suggest doing this unless you have a very steady hand and are confident / slightly mentally unbalanced and enjoy taking on extra and very stressful tasks. Using a combination of two of my old rendering markers from college, I coloured within the lines of the ornate border, and voila, our invitations have a hint of dark berry tones. 

We opted for our guests to RSVP via text, which meant we got very speedy replies within a couple of days of each person receiving their invitation. We so modern and alternative. 

Lastly, a snap of my posting station. I made sure there would be no George-Costanza-fiance-licking-of-the-envelope incidents happening with me.

*you can read here all about how husband  suggested we put a hydrangea on our invitations. Hand on heart, I didn’t make that decision. Seriously. Srsly. 

Exciting news!

Well bloggettes, there’s been a double whammy of news today. First, I’ll be hooking up with this crew again …

… I can’t complain. Exponential amounts of excitement. I’ve been asked to write a piece on a home revamp which will be kicking off next week. I’m a little nervous, but my overall excitement it trumping that right now. So excited to be back with H&H on this piece. It’ll be featured in the January/February issue which if memory serves me right, will be hitting the shelves festive season-ish . It’s Christmas come early for me!

And secondly, I got these lovelies in the post today …

Don’t even get me started. Our photographer, Karina Finegan, is some kind of magician. To back up that statement, I’ve included a tasty little number below. I cannot wait to go through our pictures with my folks tonight, accompanied by some quessadillas + wine. Winning.

TFIF, homies! Extra points if you can figure out what that first ‘F’ stands for. I hope you have an amaze-balls /relaxing/dare-I-say-festive weekend lined up.

xx A

Sneak peek – our wedding

At long last, I can finally say I am someone’s WIFE. Even just writing that is crazy. Our big day has come and gone, and three days in we’re still catching up on sleep and adjusting to having a non-hectic schedule. We had an amazing time, but it’s true what they say – it was all over in what seems like an instant!

Today I share a snippet of our big day with you. And when I say snippet, I mean these are the only pictures I have of the day. Up first, my bouquet in waiting – especially matched to the bridesmaids dresses, grown and flown in from Holland. I have Dolores from Dunboyne / Ongar Flowers to thank for her extreme attention to detail …

Our wedding cakes and the perfect tea themed boxes they came in. You can’t plan stuff like that. Huge thank you to Mannings Bakery for our amazing cakes. I had some for breakfast this morning. After all, I don’t need to squeeze into a dress anymore … Please don’t judge me.

And a shit-ton of hydrangeas, teapots and teacups. So much eye candy. We’ll be getting our wedding photos in a couple of weeks from the incredibly talented Karina Finegan, and I am beyond excited to see and share how she and her lovely assistant Emily captured our day.

But for the moment, keep your eyes peeled for a little tutorial I’ll be posting soon! Then we’ll be off on our honeymoon, so I’m going to try my hand at timing some blog posts for while we’re gone so ya’ll don’t get bored.