My favorite picks – guilty pleasures

1. colourB4. I’ve dyed my hair for four years. From brown to orange, purple, screaming red and harsh black. I tried colourB4 last night {I’m sick of touching up my blond roots} and I am amazed at how it lifted all that dye. 
2. Martha Stewart Weddings. This is a huge guilty pleasure. It’s full of projects I can’t wait to get my hands on. 
3. LA Ink. Keeping me sane through the mind numbing hours of AutoCAD. 
4. Next Home. Having never been, I wandered in to have a look. I was met with an entire section dedicated to hydrangeas. I’ll be back. 

Tasty temptation

I’ve been bad. I told myself I wouldn’t look at any wedding blogs or websites until I finished college, but that lasted all of 4 minutes.

A center piece idea I’m really into right now is tea inspired. Found on Little Miss Wedding, Belita and Rich’s Edinburgh wedding had amazing center pieces displayed in old teapots which the couple collected in flea markets. What a simple and cute idea. Coupled by this picture below from Love My Dress, I’m pretty much sold.