I want it now – knitted lamps

I crept these knitted lamps by Cillian Johnston at the Showcase Ireland Expo way back in January. I meant to blog about them, but as you can tell, I forgot. 

How awesome are these? Quite stylish I think. A cool mix of contemporary and traditional. You can find out more about these knitted delights right here.

Happy Thursday all! We’re almost there …

Tickle me pink

Pinterest has been my happy place recently, as lame as that sounds. I’m one click away from daydreaming over pictures that make me giddy about interiors. Loser, I know.   
Recently I’ve noticed a trend of gold and light pink accents getting some serious pinnage by me. With a gentle nudge from House and Home this morning, I realized I’m falling for this trend. Most of you may know by now how much of a colour-phobe I am, so I’m a bit surprised to see so much girly pink vomited all over my boards. And I think I’m okay with it … Here are my fav pins I’ve collected so far –

Well shit. Now I need to buy a house.

If you adore the pink / gold / grey combo’s above, I strongly suggest you check out Christine’s corner of the world over at Bijou and Boheme who recently posted a tour of her home. Shut up. You will need to be seated. It’s seriously gorgeous.

Are any of you falling for new or out-of-your-comfort-zone trends these days?

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I want it now – Temair throw

I bookmarked this little piece of heaven on the Lion Brand Yarn website close to 3 years ago. And I still think it’s amazing. The crocheted Temair Throw makes me think all kinds of fancy. When we own a home of our own, I see us having a sassy chaise lounge, and I could drape this mother right over it. This picture gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about the future. I know, that probably sounds silly. But I think it’s stunning, and the fact that the pattern is labelled as ‘intermediate’ gives me some hope. 
In other news, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! I’m planning on sitting down and spending my Bank Holiday Monday crocheting with the company of Steel Magnolias and other such classics. Crafting posts soon to come, I promise. Happy BH Monday 🙂