I want it now – Kidston knitting bag

I saw this knitting companion on the swoonful Cath Kidston website the other day and I need it so hard. This cutie petutie retro style knitting bag is just what I’m telling myself I need to keep my knitting {and crocheting} all neat and tidy and organized and harmonious. Just look at it … 

I keep tempting myself by searching for reasons why I should get it. Pour example –
   – It’s awesome
   – I could proudly advertise my craft haggness status
   – It’s also super cute
   – To date I’ve been using a ratty canvas bag, and sometimes my handbag, to transport my woollen delights 
   – A cleverly placed piece of red electrical tape could transform it to say ‘knitting hag’
   – It could be a little reward to myself for getting my current job
   – I just want it, okay?

Arrrhhhh, and it only gets cuter on the inside. Do any of you go through similar thought processes to justify buying things like this? I don’t do it often, as I am not a compulsive or spur of the moment shopper. I put too much thought into things, and I more than likely decide it’s something I don’t need in the end. Except this. I wants it. 

I want it now – Rachel Allen’s kitchen

A couple of months ago I blogged about Nigel Slater’s kitchen and how I watch his show to creep his kitchen. Every Saturday morning I do some solid creeping of Rachel Allen’s these days. I really adore modern, streamline kitchens but I always, always gravitate to cute kitchen details in my own home. I can’t avoid it. I’m just the kind of person who needs a cottage kitchen feel. I think Rachel’s kitchen {whether it’s real or not} is a pretty solid mix of modern and cutie petutie. 
A playful mix of dainty pinks, cranberry reds and a couple of carefully placed purple tumbler glasses. The pink Le Creuset cookware. A mix of modern and traditional ceramics. Pretty potted herbs, pink chopping boards. And that Belfast sink – kill me now. 

This kind of shit makes me want to buy a home of my own and drape cute things on anything that will stand still. Although I will say there is a bit too much going on in parts of the kitchen for me. I’d have a touch less cluttery bits. 
Image 1 and 2, 3, and 4

I want it now – himmeli ornaments

I first saw it, or them, on Design*Sponge ages back for a DIY class coming up in Portland. D*S reminded me again this morning about these magical creatures, and I really think I aught to get down and make one, or seven, of them. I found a really good tutorial on Elsie Marley‘s site, and I’m excited to try my hand at making some himmeli. I  really like the monochromatic ones, compared to the more traditional straw himmeli. I really think one would look good alongside my bookcase … 
Image source 1, 2, and 3.