I want it now – old school typewriter

I’ve had a fascination with typewriters for a long time. It all started years ago when I worked in a dentists office* where I would occasionally use theirs when the receptionist was away and someones details needed to be updated. Since then my fascination has been on a steady increase, but unfortunately here in Dublin I haven’t had any luck in the second hand stores – I prefer the thought of one with character. Also, I would actually use it. It would be a bit crap for blogging purposes though. 
Happy Friday, homies! I hope you have something exciting planned this weekend. I myself will be doing some DIY’s and spring cleaning. xx A
I thought I wanted to be a dental hygienist when I ‘grew up’, so I worked in a dentists office via my high school as a work placement. In the end, I didn’t want to be one. Although, it was a really interesting experience. Thanks to it I have no fears about going to the dentist.

I want it now – antlers, antlers, antlers

Dear antlers, 
Firstly, let me congratulate you on being in vogue. It is for good reason, as you are pretty neat and quite the sight for sore eyes. In an effort to be on trend, I was hoping you could make yourselves available to me? You can do this by falling off. Within walking distance from my apartment would be all kinds of wonderful, thank you 🙂
Lots of love, 
I’m thrifty, and I did my research. I found out that our local deer {found in the Phoenix Park} shed their antlers between January and March. I also found out the most antlers are found in the Oldtown Woods. Perfection. We had incredible weather on Saturday, so hubby and I wrapped up in search for some antlers. Low and behold, we came back empty handed. I have not given up. It was however, a lovely and romantical walk. 
It is only a matter of time. The question is – once I get my hands on some of these delights, do I go aux natural, or do I paint them? …

There is some serious winning going on with paint. The white with gold tips – particularly amazing. Fingers crossed we scavenge some of these lovelies. And soon. 
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I want it now – Christine Dovey’s entire house

I don’t know how long I’ve been following Bijou and Boheme, but this is a serious design crush. Christine has an incredible eye for everything, and can be thanked for my increasing crush on gold and delicate pink. Observe …

I like how much of a lyrical genius Christine is on her blog. She isn’t afraid to drop the f-bomb and there’s nothing more refreshing to me than someone that insanely talented who lets the colours fly.

Christine is also an incredible arteest, people. I want to get sick in my mouth. That’s how beautiful her work is. 
I don’t care what you use – Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest – get on your internet machine and follow this woman. Your creativity and mind juices will thank you for it. 
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