I want it now – milk crate table


Something I’ve wanted for a long time is milk crate storage. I really enjoy strong juxtapositions in design, and this is a perfect example. Placed against clean walls and carefully placed items, I really love seeing {what some people would consider} grungy items placed with just as much care and consideration.
Thanks to Design Sponge for this image from Shaun Moore and Todd Caldwell’s home in Toronto, Canada. There are aspects of this house I wouldn’t mind Ctrl+C-ing directly into my own home. 

I want it now – boombox pillows

I got an e-mail two weeks ago informing me that the Boombox Set by Andrew Liszewski was now available to buy again, after a long period of being out of stock. I had queried many months ago when said pillows were out of stock, and for the sake of my pocket – I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t come back. But alas, they are back. And I am torn between buying groceries for the next three weeks, or getting these kick ass pillows. Decisions, decisions. 

I want it now – mix & match wall

Recently I’ve come across a lot of images that I can’t get enough of. I want it, and I wanted it 5 minutes ago. What better way to start a new blog category than with this little piece of eye candy whose tab I simply can’t bring myself to close on my internet browser. Linkage. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.