Tickle me pink

Pinterest has been my happy place recently, as lame as that sounds. I’m one click away from daydreaming over pictures that make me giddy about interiors. Loser, I know.   
Recently I’ve noticed a trend of gold and light pink accents getting some serious pinnage by me. With a gentle nudge from House and Home this morning, I realized I’m falling for this trend. Most of you may know by now how much of a colour-phobe I am, so I’m a bit surprised to see so much girly pink vomited all over my boards. And I think I’m okay with it … Here are my fav pins I’ve collected so far –

Well shit. Now I need to buy a house.

If you adore the pink / gold / grey combo’s above, I strongly suggest you check out Christine’s corner of the world over at Bijou and Boheme who recently posted a tour of her home. Shut up. You will need to be seated. It’s seriously gorgeous.

Are any of you falling for new or out-of-your-comfort-zone trends these days?

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  1. June 13, 2012 / 20:45

    lol well you know I am no colour phobe lol, but that is mainly due to the neutral house that I lived in for six years prior to buying this one. I think also the colour love has come from being confident in what I like if that makes sense.

    • June 26, 2012 / 15:14

      Makes sense! I've tried adding bright colours before, and they've been slowly phased out. I just love dark colours through and through. With a pop of colour.