Happy Friday

This morning I was really on the ball. I woke up early, applied my face, tidied the apartment and even had time to take a few pictures before I left for work. I even sourced a small piece of pink paper to write a heart felt message about how ludicrously excited I am that it’s finally Friday. I know. I don’t know how I do it either.

Last night while I was making dinner husband walked in with this behemoth bouquet of white and dainty pink hydrangeas for me. What made matters worse was that he cycled his usual 45 minute commute home holding them {and the 50 yards of cellophane that incased them} in one hand. I proceeded to Alice Cooper myself. I can’t even sometimes. 

Happy Friday friends, and I hope you have a lovely weekend lined up xx A

New plummy painting

Yesterday I woke up and decided to make my life a living hell, so I immediately dove into scrubbing the oven at 8am. Did I mention I haven’t thoroughly cleaned it in 4 years? I didn’t? Probably because that’s embarrassing and it means I’m a bad person. I also decided the Christmas tree and all the decorations had to come down, and they had to come down now. Whilst in the middle of cleaning the oven. Because I like making things difficult for myself. Oh, and I wanted a new painting for the living room. Are you noticing a trend? I had a very short attention span yesterday. 

The black and white painting on the left – I repainted that canvas nine times. Nine. So you can imagine I was happy when I sat down and in 20 minutes managed to paint my new burgundy number, and then I actually liked it the first time around. Said black and white painting is the only thing I’ve really painted in the 10 years since I moved to Ireland. I don’t want to sound emo, but once I moved here my interest in painting died. I used to paint a lot in Canada, and I’d paint huge behemoth paintings. So I really enjoyed my little painting stint yesterday. The picture above is the closest representation to what it actually looks like. I’m quite happy with it and its nummy colours and drippy drips. It’s giving me hope to start painting again. I know. Barf. 

Also featured – black and white paintingDIY Scrabble monogram – faux hydrangeas {spray painted since} – Karlsson flip clock

A little something on the side (table)

It’s about to get romantic all up in here friends. This time last month we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We journeyed back to Dunboyne Castle, where we got married on a surreal autumn day. We of course booked a room for our anniversary, a fabulous dinner, and breakfast the next morning. We checked in and when I got to our room, this is what I found … 

Husband had been sneaking. He got in contact with the florists we used for our wedding {the lovely Dolores and Brian from Dunboyne Flowers}, he e-mailed them reminder pictures of our wedding flowers, and back in August ordered the most gorgeous hydrangeas from Holland, which were the exact match to my wedding bouquet, and had them delivered to our hotel. Gentlemen, take note. 

I never got to keep my bouquet from our wedding as the drunk girl young lady who caught it, kept it. I think that’s how the rules go, don’t they? But the romance-ball that husband is, he gave me a second chance to swoon over my bouquet all over again. 
They were incredibly delicate hydrangeas and unfortunately didn’t last very long. Since the first time around I didn’t get a memento of my bouquet, I stole a couple buds and leaves here and there and squashed them in a Harry Potter book highly respected novel for adults for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday I did a quick revamp on an old picture frame I had by spray painting it my all time fav spraypaint – Montana’s ‘winegum’, stuck on some leftover black and white ribbon I had used on our wedding boutonnieres / button holes, and framed the pressed and dried hydrangea pieces. It’s a perfect little addition of oomph to my nightstand. Yes and yes.