The Innocent Big Knit

Knitting miniature hats? Um, of course I’m in.
For the fifth year in a row now Innocent smoothies have run the Innocent Big Knit in aid of Age Action. What happens is – you knit a teeny hat {pattern can be found here}, donate it to Innocent or directly to an Age Action charity shop, said adorable hats are popped onto unsuspecting bottled beverages, and for every fashionable fruit drink purchased, 30 cent goes towards supporting older people during the colder and lonelier months.
I jumped on board this year and so far I’ve produced one measly practice hat. Black and white stripes with some faux hydrangeas. Yummy, no? And are you really all that surprised? …

I’m hoping to whip up a couple fancier hats in the coming weeks. I’m thinking skulls, kitties, possibly tandem hats – we’ll see. Or even better – got any crafty ideas?
As for the rest of this week, check back here on Friday as I’ll be sharing my latest and biggest revamp to date. Totes cannot wait.
xx A

In my inbox – tiled hydrangea graffiti

How insane in the membrane are these tiles? Yep. Tiles. The lovely Rebekka of Rebekka Sauerdough sent me these pictures of tiled hydrangea graffiti she stumbled upon while in Lisbon, and man, are they beautiful. They were found on the side of a house, and I don’t think anyone would object to this kind of graffiti taking up residence on their property. 
Rebekka sent them my way as she knew of my slightly psychotic fascination and obsession love of hydrangeas, and of course, I couldn’t not share these absolute beauts. 

I tried to find more info on them via the google machine, but massive sad face. I couldn’t find anything. There is a signature on the bottom of the vase, but it’s illegible. These silhouetted tiles are made with such painful detail, I’d love to know more. Are they once-off pieces? Were they made for someone specific? Or as a memorial? Was this just a test tile project, and no one knew where else to put them? I need to know more. Five minutes ago. 
When I grow up and have a house, you can be sure as shit my bathroom will be adorned in the likes. Two of my favourite things, mashed into one. And of course, thanks again Rebekka 🙂 xx A

I want to ride my bicycle

Yesterday I got my hands on my new bicyclette {best said in a sad attempt at a French accent}, and I am sooo excited. I still can’t believe she is mine. Even as I sit here at my desk, I’m trying to schedule my day around a quick jaunt. 
Over the past couple of weeks I had been pondering getting a myself a bike. Hubster already has one, so it made sense that I also jump on the wagon, as it were. It would be an investment, so I didn’t want to rush into it. I did my research and when I found the Dawes Duchess heritage lady bike in plum and gold with that little basket + matching handlebars and seat, I lost the plot. It was love at first bike. The colour may or may not have played a vital role. PLUM, people. C’mon!

I opted for a lady bike because 360 days of the year I’m either in a dress or a skirt. It’s a proper lady bike so there is no slouching over handlebars. Husband tried it out last night and he’s actually furiously jealous of how comfy she is. If I may be so bold, I think if a bicycle could be personified as me, this would be it. Comfy with a big seat.
I already have a little DIY in mind for the basket. Some skulls or black and white stripe ribbons are going to happen somewhere upon her vicinity, and of course, some faux hydrangeas for good measure. But for now, I’m off to hit the hills. Fingers crossed they’re to my favour.

xx A