Feast for the senses

Spotted on Design*Sponge yesterday, this gorgeous spread created by Michele Varian stopped my heart. Here is her webiste. If you haven’t clicked the link yet, you are for seriously missing out.

Now that it’s autumn, I’m drawn to deeper, darker hues and romantical settings, and this ensemble hits the spot. Most would agree this culmination might be more suited to Halloween than Thanksgiving {which is what it’s aimed for}, but none-the-less, I would jump at the opportunity to have any of Michele’s incredible pieces.

I’ve been on the hunt for some beautiful bell jars for our abode. They’ll actually come in handy with regards to kittehs. Perfect protection against wandering paws during the day when mommy and daddy aren’t home.

That candelabra, the anatomical heart, smokey glasses, alternative ceramics, black candles, and I wish I had the balls to carry off those navy walls c/o Benjamin Moore. To die for. Break me off a piece of that talent.

Any excuse for skulls

One of my favourite times of the year is finally here – Halloween. Ever since I can remember, I’ve adored Halloween. Most likely because of the level of creativity and effort  that goes into decorating your house as well as yourself. And the pillowcase full of sweets at the end of the night may have had a small part to play when I was young … Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a safe evening 🙂

1Fiance Husband and my outfits today in work. Embrace the power of the skull. 2. Skull accessorizing. 3. Black squid ink pasta {tastes like normal pasta in case you’re curious. I would highly recommend. Would also be perfect for sophisticated dinner soirees}. 4. Preparing the coffee table for a week of movie watching. 5. Failed Halloween yarn project. Massive sad face. 6. A friendly reminder of the time of year. 7. Juniper less than impressed with Halloween. Especially when I mash her into ridiculous costumes.

Later, homies!

My newest addition

There’s a new addition to our living room that is something I’ve wanted for a long time – a skull. While my family and I were wandering around St. Macdara’s Island last month, my dad found this beaut of a sheep’s skull and I squealed with glee like a little girl, coupled with clapping of the hands. Don’t worry, I got some weird looks so you’re not the only one. I just really like skulls. It might have to do with my undying {and secret / embarrassing} love of pirates.
I did some research on how to keep and best show skulls and it’s quite interesting. From removing the teeth and sticking them back with glue {to make sure they don’t fall out and go missing}, as well as giving them a coating of clear nail varnish to make them look fancy. 

He looks a bit sad at the moment. Maybe he needs to be propped up on more books, but I was thinking of kicking him up a notch. I quite like this mounted version below, although my sheep isn’t so well endowed, or there is the emo-alternative of painting him all black. I’m leaning towards lefty at the moment … What do you think?

I feel I should say this sheep {more than likely} died of natural causes on an isolated and uninhabited island in the Atlantic, roaming free and smiling and bleating all over the place and eating grass to it’s heart content, until it’s unfortunate demise quite some time ago. I didn’t attack this poor creature with a hatchet. In case some of you were wondering.

Image cred 3 and 4