The streets this week

This past week I spent a lot of time out and about in Dublin. I wish I owned one of those pedometer things because we walked some serious mileage. As it happens, this week was also heavy on the graffiti factor. No complaints here. 

We checked out the All City Jam graffiti gig held in the Tivoli car park, and it was chalk full of inspiration. In hindsight, hubby and I probably should have showed up a bit later in the day as a lot of the graffiti were works-in-progress while we were there. There were some amaze-balls stuff nonetheless … 

The pictures do zero justice. I think I’ll have to creep down to the Tivoli car park later this week to see the finished work as there were some serious pieces being made. 

A stroll through the park with some aftermath of this years cherry blossoms here in Dublin. I also fed some tiny swan babies and may have talked to them for 20 minutes about how cute they were like a crazy lady. Just couldn’t help myself.

Last and in no way least, I lunched at The Little Green where I ate along side the work of their featured artist this week, Bon …

I saw all 4’6″ of this, and had to have it. And I did. More to come on that tasty number once I get my hands on it this week. I’m not sure where it’ll go just yet, but I’ll enjoy giving it a tour of our place I’m sure. Cannot. Wait.

I hope you guys had a good weekend! I think we had our summer yesterday here in Dublin, as today is back to cold and miserable weather. I got to finally crack out the flip flops so I was a happy girl. xx A

Ring my bell

I’ve been scouring the internet high and low for inspiration regarding what to cram into our gorgeous {and flamingly massive} cloche. There are some amazing ideas out there, so I’m feeling quite excited about what can be done with ours. Behold, the fruits of my labour …

Above – as creepy as this will sound, I’m really intrigued at the more clinical and/or ‘creepy’ bell jar arrangements out there. Skulls are an obvious yes for me, but there’s just a certain something about what’s going on with the above. 
Every ounce of me is already screaming for team Teacup Bell Jar. This is fighting strong and definitely appealing to my obsession with dainty things, so a load of dainty things in a massive display? Hell yes. But my fear for shattered porcelain might be trumping that.

I’m always conscious of our home being too me or too feminine, so I try to impress hubby by incorporating man things. We unfortunately don’t have a robot collection, but this may be substituted with something, dare I say, Star Wars related …

I’m also into simply placing a load of stuff in a pretty glass or cup under the cloche. For me this would immediately scream knitting needles since I have some that are in quite lovely colours as well as some inherited from my nanny.

Once I saw this  mini skeleton action going on, I couldn’t not include it.  That’s all I have to say about that. 
And finally, I’m including the below picture because of the parallel-living-room-universe that is going on here. This is the exact layout of everything I have in my living room – rectangular tray, stack of books, mini cloche, amethyst, skull, second stack of books, and even the ratio of couch-to-coffee-table-to-wall layout. Except our living room is a much darker version. Mind = blown. 
What do you guys think? Do you have cloches or bell jars at home, and what do you have in them? I’m still open for influence.
TFIF homies. Bring on the weekend. xx A
Image cred 123, 45, and 6.

Tis the season

Happy St. Stephen’s / Boxing Day! I hope the festive season is treating you well. Although Christmas has come and gone, I like to think we’re still in the thick of the season. It can’t all be about one day. Pour example, hubby and I always have our own mini Christmas, as we’ve always spent the day itself with our own families. He spoiled me with some truly thoughtful surprises this year.  
Serious brownie points for a personalized present, even if in pen, and even if it’s only on the box. A hydrangea tiered cake stand. He makes my heart sore … 

At times I can’t look directly at the fabulocity of this present – a Royal Albert tea set also from husband. Dainty to the maximum. 

For me, you can’t go wrong with massive smelly candles, especially in scrumptious hues. They’re one of my simple pleasures. Candles make me feel fancy, as silly as that sounds, but there’s nothing wrong with the things that make you feel shiny on the inside. 
Plus some good coffee table reading, also thanks to the parental units – A Girl’s Guide to Decorating, by Abigail Ahern. Om nom. 

And from my broseph, some yummy skull goodness. It is perfection, and is now home to a moody spot on our shelves. Look at that furry face. I couldn’t not include it. Juniper kills me sometimes. 
On a side note, can someone explain to me why this time of year brings so much eating? I feel like I’m failing at Christmas if I’m not constantly shoving food in my mouth. But on the plus side, it’s making me look forward to kicking my ass in 2013.
Happy holidays homies 🙂 xx A