Toddler painting (+ Baroque style picture frame)

As soon as I hung up our Baroque style picture frame I knew it wasn’t going to be one of those projects that sat around for six months waiting to be worked on. A few days after I bought it I headed to our local DeSerres to pick up some art supplies and a few days after that, I was sitting at the table with Cora mixing some peachy paint for her.

RANDOM STORY – when I was pregnant with Cora I craved some really weird things. Like 90’s movies and the colour peach. Both of which stuck with me after having Cora [and let’s face it, I loved 90’s movies to begin with], so now the moment I see anything peach or rose gold coloured I will find it hard to resist. I’d say 70% of Cora’s wardrobe is some shade of peach.

Because this frame’s ratio is a bit longer than typical frame sizes, I had to buy a canvas that was wider than it and cut it down to size [I used a really sharp kitchen knife since I couldn’t find my exacto knife].

I absolutely love painting with Cora supervising Cora painting. She really loves it and I love sending pieces to friends and family as little unexpected presents. I guide her at times [just by pointing at different parts of the canvas for her to paint] and she stops, listens to my suggestions and with a quick “okay” she gets to work. It is equal parts hilarious and adorable.

This of course isn’t Cora’s first time painting. She did a black and white piece for my One Room Challenge, which she points at and shouts to let me know she’d like to sit down and paint something else.

I also want to get our bar cart in bit more of some kind of order. I want to add something green too as this is all screaming, dare I say, too much burgundy? I’m not sure what plant though to get. If you have a favourite small house plant [that is hardy and won’t die too easily], please let me know! I’d love to have something potted on our bar cart, but I’m not entirely sure what. And it can’t be too fragile either because of curious toddler hands.

I can hear you all screaming “fake plant” at me as my only option.

Also featured – bar cartblack dining room hutchBill Murray print [which won’t be staying here for much longer. It looks strange here] – dining room One Room Challenge


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  1. Barbara Dominey
    August 13, 2018 / 15:57

    Love the painting! The houseplant you need is sansevieria. It doesn’t care about light, it doesn’t care about water (once a month in the winter, maybe one a week or every two weeks in summer), leathery leaves are indestructable. I can’t kill them. They come in different size leaves from freaking enormous to petite. Very good for cleaning the air. Love seeing Cora grow!


    • August 16, 2018 / 00:19

      Thank you for the suggestion, Barb! I had to look up sansevieria because I wasn’t familiar with it. But then when I saw it I realised it was what I’ve only ever heard referred to as “mother in laws tongue” 😜

      I’ll see if I can get a small one from my local garden center. I’ve always found they look very intimidating, but if they’re as low maintenance as you say they are, it sounds like they’re going to be kind of perfect for us. Bonus points for cleaning the air.

  2. August 14, 2018 / 01:20

    I don’t know that ever heard of the 90s movies craving before. Ha!

    Cora is quite the budding artist. I love the colours!

    Quite perfect for this frame, I’d say.

    • August 16, 2018 / 00:54

      Hahaha, I had some weird cravings. Honestly, laying on the couch watching Jurassic Park or Beethoven cured my morning sickness. I cannot explain it.

      And thank you! I thought at first there was too much going on with Cora’s painting (I am a colour-phobe after all), but it really is perfect for that frame. Now I need MOAR HUGE FRAMES.

  3. October 6, 2018 / 09:34

    I love this – it’s such a great touch in that frame above the bar cart. And I am privileged to have an original Cora piece myself!!! When we move I’ll get a frame for mine. I saw that Kimberly has hers in a frame in her little vanity space – it looks so good!