The Irish Independent, Weekend Magazine

Last Saturday’s Irish Independent Weekend Magazine featured a piece written by Emily Westbrooks all about how DIY needn’t be so daunting. And to prove just that it featured our coffee table contact paper makeover [along with the ever creative Linda of Make Do and DIY!].

I had every intention of sharing the piece on Saturday, but we spotted a man laying on the side of the road with a gash on his forehead on our way home [very long story short; we tended to him, called an ambulance and he was taken care of], so I completely forgot to share my mention that evening as we were a bit distracted, to say the least!
Thanks again Emily for the mention and for including our slightly-less-gaudy-rental-coffee-table thanks to a roll of contact paper and some elbow grease. And if you’re curious, you can see my full coffee table tutorial here

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  1. March 28, 2017 / 17:35

    Congratulations! A worth mention to my favourite DIY blogger extraordinaire!! That coffee table transformation made such a difference – it really does look good.
    And you didn't say about saving a man on the side of the road – you heroes! That sounds like a bit of a dramatic journey home…!! xx

    • April 2, 2017 / 15:29

      Hahahaha, Maria! I'd be surprised if your favourite DIY blogger was someone else! That would be completely unacceptable.

      The man was on the side of the road within our estate which wasn't as bad as on the side of a public road at least! We soon found out he was intoxicated on many levels, so it was his own fault. Still, he needed help.