#DublinDesignNight 2016

Last Wednesday night saw Dublin’s second annual #DublinDesignNight as organised by Yelp and Image Interiors & Living make its way across the city centre. I was pretty excited as it was my first ‘night out’ since having Cora, so while I unfortunately didn’t get to visit every venue on the map, I tried my best to get to a good few places before hobbling to the bus [it can be tough to walk and stand for long periods of time after having a baby. Who knew?].

I first visited Designist, where everyone was greeted with a hot chocolate not-so-secretly-spiked with rum. If this is something you haven’t heard of or tried before, TRY IT. I may just be my new favourite hot winter drink. 

I picked up another of The Handmade Soap Company‘s candles. I bought their grapefruit and may chang candle a few months ago and loved it, so this time I picked up one of their sweet orange, basil and frankincense candles. I also picked up an adorable frog patterned Bandana Bib by Little Green Dot for little Cora [which I have yet to use because it’s far too cute]. 
From there, I quickly visited Appassionata, Irish Design Shop and Industry. All of which were packed so I didn’t stay long. I made one last stop at Article before heading home. I’ve had my eye on their swan mobile for a long time and these days I find that if I don’t get something I really like when I first see it, it’ll be gone the next time I check. So I grabbed one [seen below yet to be assembled] and think it’ll be perfect over Cora’s changing table / dresser to keep her entertained and slightly less wriggly. I also saw one of those old-school clip in letter board signs, but as it was a little more expensive, it would more so be a mini investment. Which usually means I think about it non-stop for a week then end up taking a trip into town especially to get it. We’ll see 😉

You can read my post on last year’s and first #DublinDesignNight here!

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  1. November 18, 2016 / 19:09

    Yay for your first night out! Even an hour to yourself really makes a big difference! The mobile is beautiful, is it the Children of Lir or just regular, non-famous swans? Either way it's gorgeous, and I did read somewhere that newborns much prefer black and white to bright colours…
    And yay for rum-ing up hot chocolate! I'm in favour of adding alcohol to any and all hot drinks once the Christmas lights are up in town. It's practically a rule.

    • January 16, 2017 / 13:04

      Oh I'm not sure if it is Linda. I just grabbed the packet there and they're Scandinavian Swans by Flensted Mobiles. It says "Five white swans each following its own course, but in perfect mutual balance … a symbol of the five Scandinavian countries, sister nations of the same stock."

      And yes! So far I've noticed Cora is completely captivated whenever I wear my black and white dressing gown. It blows her little mind.

      Unfortunately there wasn't much alcohol this Christmas. I have a feeling I'll need it more next year though when she's a toddler and nothing under 3ft is safe.