In my inbox – tiled hydrangea graffiti

How insane in the membrane are these tiles? Yep. Tiles. The lovely Rebekka of Rebekka Sauerdough sent me these pictures of tiled hydrangea graffiti she stumbled upon while in Lisbon, and man, are they beautiful. They were found on the side of a house, and I don’t think anyone would object to this kind of graffiti taking up residence on their property. 
Rebekka sent them my way as she knew of my slightly psychotic fascination and obsession love of hydrangeas, and of course, I couldn’t not share these absolute beauts. 

I tried to find more info on them via the google machine, but massive sad face. I couldn’t find anything. There is a signature on the bottom of the vase, but it’s illegible. These silhouetted tiles are made with such painful detail, I’d love to know more. Are they once-off pieces? Were they made for someone specific? Or as a memorial? Was this just a test tile project, and no one knew where else to put them? I need to know more. Five minutes ago. 
When I grow up and have a house, you can be sure as shit my bathroom will be adorned in the likes. Two of my favourite things, mashed into one. And of course, thanks again Rebekka 🙂 xx A

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  1. August 28, 2013 / 20:55

    wow that is awesome!! I am green with envy at that.