Blooming amazing

I first heard of flowering tea from a dear friend of mine in Canada. She told me about it this time last year, and I immediately YouTubed it / them. I checked it out, and it looked awesome. That all got filled in my memory bank.

Set the scene to present day, and our wedding seems to be delicately gathering a theme of tea. I want to smother every surface in old tea cups with big old dark hydrangeas. And what pops into my head a couple of weeks ago? The idea to have this unusual and unique flowering tea as a little gift at everyone’s place setting for our big day.

I found Solaris Botanicals, a company in Ireland that sells a variety flowering tea – perfection! And they’re incredibly nice and helpful people – even better {thanks for all your help, Priya!}. So I ordered a couple test rounds, and my first mission for my bridesmaids was issued – try it out and see if it would be a quality enough {and unusual enough} parting gift. See below an example of flowering tea in action …

We of course tried one out ourselves. Fiance really enjoyed the taste of it, and made it quite strong, since he likes his regular tea to the point of stripping paint, with an eye-dropper of milk. 
So what do you think? Does flowering tea sound like a cute and quirky alternative to the usual wedding souveneir? Or does it sound naff as hell and you couldn’t stomach the idea of trying it? Let me know what you think, just a click away below. Of course, you can further let me know in the comments box below. 

Sounds cool and unusual – do it!
Not my cup of tea


Get clicking. I can sense the rebel in you wants to click ‘no’ …

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  1. May 1, 2012 / 21:17

    I think thats a great idea…..Love the idea of the "tea theme" so the favour would be awesome. When I had a tea party a while back I used old teapots to pop flowers into.

    • May 2, 2012 / 11:05

      That's exactly what I'm hoping to do for the center pieces Janine! A gathering of dainty tea pots {with the help of my aunts}, stuffed with hydrangeas and lovely dark hued flowers.

      I really loved your tea birthday party. And the bookworm cupcakes!

  2. May 7, 2012 / 22:31

    I think it's gorgeous, beautiful and creative! but that maybe you'd have to "anchor" it, by putting it in a little organza bag with maybe a pebble with guests name on (the only wedding favour we still have, 8 yrs latere, just something simple, with weight, so that guests will remember to take it home and discover the beauty of it.

    • May 8, 2012 / 08:27

      That's exactly what I've been thinking Susan. I've seen a couple of cute paper bags {my description is doing them no justice}, that could hold them perfectly. I'd also need to include a little snippet of instructions since there's a knack to making the tea. I can't wait to start my assembly line 🙂

  3. John JJP
    July 25, 2012 / 14:55

    so much awesome. i hope you're getting them!!