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I recently watched the Channel 4 documentary ‘Graffiti Wars’ which detailed the long graffiti battle between Banksy {no introduction necessary} and Robbo – one of London’s oldest graffiti artists. The interview and facts seemed to tip in one artists’ favor. This show reminded me that I’ve failed to splice more of my favorite graffiti I’ve come across from my somewhat worldly travels. So I’m sharing them and their stories …

Be still my beating heart – my ultimate graffiti find. We were in Vienna for two days, and on our second day we were killing time wandering the residential streets before our flight home and all of a sudden, we found this. Words still escape me at our luck. I think poor Robbo is getting longevity confused with worldwide success and using graffiti to its full potential of making a point …

R2D2 on my way to college {left}, and some thoughtful Maser behind the Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin {right}.
Kitty love found on the walk down to the city center from Sacre Couer. Paris, France.
Life size application, Dublin {left}. The weeks leading up to both the Queen and the Obama visit to Dublin, every manhole, electricity box and grate were tagged with either this yellow wrench or a blue bolt. It supposedly was to ensure no one tampered with them – ie, planted bombs in or under any access point during their visit {right}. 

Poster on Bachelors Walk Quays, Dublin {left} and some stenciling at the foot of a bridge, re: Billy Goats Gruff {right}.

Dublin, 2007. I used this image as my main inspiration image for my very first project in college {left}, and some monkey business somewhere along the Luas tracks in Dublin {right}.
I enjoyed the colors, but not the atmosphere – Prague. Underground walkway to the main train station. 

Funky love on a sidewalk in Niagara Falls, Canada {left}, and last but not least, a mighty tempting sticker on the outside of an electricity box in Dublin {right}. This is an album that is ever expanding, as is my love and appreciation for {GOOD} graffiti.

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