You won’t get board

Something I really want these days is a blackboard wall. My mind goes into cartwheels with all the crafty things I could do with a chalkboard wall …


How amazing is this visual behind that headboard? I am completely taken with the idea that with a chalkboard wall, you can change the design of your room. I am immediately flooded with ideas for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and birthdays. How cute would it be to have a personalized birthday banner that, don’t get me wrong, bunting is great, but could be drawn in 10 minutes? Enchanted Christmas wallpaper. Or even better, monsters crawling up the walls for Halloween? The ideas are flooding in.

Why not paint blackboard paint directly onto furniture? Placed on kitchen cabinets in a quirky way to easily label your cabinets. No excuses now for misplaced items! Also, it’s a great idea for shopping lists in the kitchen since items are constantly added and taken off and there’s no better way to save some paper while you’re at it too. It is also sheer coincidence both these pictures have little furry side-kicks.

Admittedly, my living room would resemble something much closer to the above should I paint the walls with chalkboard paint. Monsters, body parts, kittens and random weird stuff go down very well in my household when it comes to scribbling. 

If you find the idea of painting an entire wall with blackboard a bit overwhelming, you can opt for these alternative chalkboard stickers on a much smaller scale. They still work just as well, but won’t take away from your space. Either way, I’m chalking it up.
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