Holy guacamole

A recipe my fiance has perfected is guacamole. And does he ever make a mean guacamole. Robert started making it toward the end of my college course when it was either he makes us dinner, or we starve. He’s a big fan of spice, I unfortunately can’t handle much of it, so I feel he dials down the spiciness for me. I find the level of chili and garlic he uses has a nice kick, but if you have a higher {or normal} spice tolerance, you’ll want to add more. If you’re interested in this laid back dinner alternative, all the details can be found below …


    4 avocados
    1 birds eye chili {or more if you can handle it}
    3-5 cloves of garlic {as much as you want really}
    juice from 1-2 limes
    salt and pepper
tub of sour cream

Add all the guacamole ingredients into a large bowl and roughly chop and mash mash. You can choose to skip the mashing and go straight to blending if you so wish. Use a hand blender to roughly pure the guacamole in places, and leave some parts chunky, if you like. I like a bit of bite to mine. Robert has found that the higher the ratio of ingredients to the avocado’s, the nicer and a better bite the guacamole has. But that’s just us. To each his own.  

Serve with sour cream and nachos. Serves 2 hungry people for a relaxed dinner in front of the tv, or 4+ people for casual snacking. 

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