What little boys are made of

I stumbled across this amazing wallpaper and immediately needed to share it. Designed by Victoria at Paper Boy Wallpaper, this classic yet edgy wallpaper appealed to me immediately. Victoria explains that she came about this ingenious design while trying to redecorate her sons bedrooms. She wanted a pattern that would appeal to boys ranging from pre-school age to teens while also maintaining a classic wallpaper design. And may I say, it appeals to {cool} girls too.

I’m the kind of gal who enjoys skulls coupled with cute things. Then skulls on wallpaper? Quite possibly the ultimate. Animal Magic wallpaper shown above, detailing the ins and outs of turtles, dogs, rabbits, and oh yes – cats. The PaperBoy Wallpaper also have the creative Hand Made wallpaper inspired by late night silhouettes, and D’ya-think-e-saurus sporting a cheeky boy interacting with various dinosaurs.

If such a bold wallpaper is too much of a design leap for you, why not opt for some of their fabric designs? Said cheeky paper can also be purchased on fabric, should you like their style, but are a little too shy to commit to wallpaper. Or, a punch of two pillows to go with your new backdrop? I will most certainly be purchasing some of their wallpaper in the future. When I actually own some property.

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