Instagram roundup – November

Can someone please ‘splain to me how it’s already December?! I feel like an old record repeating myself almost every month recently, but srsly. The year is absolutely flying by and Christmas is fast approaching. Late last night whilst drinking mulled wine and watching Elf, I got an idea to do the 12 DIY’s of Christmas, but after a brief conversation with husband, I came to the conclusion that it sounds awesome, but it would not be humanly possible as I only have 2 maybe 3 solid DIY projects in mind. But now that I’m writing about it, I kind of still want to do it. Oh, welp. 
What was this post about again? Oh yeah, my Instagram roundup. Not as exciting as my cat video from last month, but I’m planning to make a mini vid with some Christmas bell action going on. I do like a good jingle bell. Happy December of course! Keep your eyes peeled this week for the official beginning of Christmassy goodness 😉 xx A

Instagram roundup – October

My new favourite lazy way to wind down the month is with an Instagram roundup. I’m in my second month of Instagram and I basically think it’s the neatest thing out there. I like stuff and I like taking pictures of stuff and I like looking at pictures of other people’s stuff and therefore I’m into Instagram. It’s the little things, right? 
This month I also wrote, directed, shot and narrated my very first Insta-video … 

… Which I’m embarrassingly proud of*. Special thanks to one of my BFF’s who bought me / our cats that little delight. And for the record, Juniper and Toshi are now plotting her death.

And in the day that it is – HALLOWEEN! – it would be a shame not to share with you thee biggest sewing project I’ve worked on to date. Prepare your retinas …

Since I was about 10 years old I’ve wanted to be Lydia in her red wedding dress for Halloween. Finally, I did it. One month of sewing and she’s finally complete. I will however be a happy girl if I never have to sew with such retina-burning-red ever again, but it was sew worth it …Also please ignore the complete creeper look on my face. I cannot explain that. So from me and mine to you and yours – happy Halloween! 🙂 xx A
*I’ve always wanted to cross over into vlogging {video blogging}, but I’ve never built up enough courage to sit in front of the camera. Maybe in November I’ll do it. I said maybe … 

Instagram roundup – September

Since I signed up to the Instagram machine at the beginning of this month, I thought it would be fun to do a little monthly round up of my favourite Instapics. And when I say fun, in reality it’s fun for me and probably incredibly boring for you guys … I selected my favourite 15 photos and added them in Instagram order; starting at the bottom right to the most recent on the top left. 
I was a bit surprised though when I looked through this months photos; very few of them were design related. Which is mostly down to me being a bit MIA for the past two weeks. My usual routine was affected, I had no access to a computer and kissed my spare time goodbye. At first I panicked. Oh god, I have to race home and create, photograph and write up 3 blog posts, schedule them, also co-ordinate and schedule social media notifications. Fuuuuuu! I fought it for a couple of days. But then I kind of welcomed it. I took advantage of the opportunity to step back, gather my thoughts, and scribble lots of ideas on some well placed post-its. 
Sometimes we need a little break from our usual schedule and daily routine, but now I’m back with a notebook full of ideas and some exciting dates coming up. And more importantly, my favourite season has started to kick in – scarves, hot drinks, mittens and crunchy leaves. Oh autumn, I love you so!
Of course, if you’d like to follow along, you can find me on Instagram here! See you back here on Wednesday 🙂 xx A