Let’s be Instafriends!*

I caved. This week I finally created an Instagram account! If I’m honest with you though, I was very hesitant up until now to join. I thought great, just one more social media site to keep up with. But after a bit of brain thinking, I weighed up the pro’s – that being I take a lot of pictures, but I never share them because I don’t want to be that person who clogs up everyone’s Facebook and / or Twitter. You know the person; we all have one in our feed. Whereas with Instagram, alls it is is pictures. So that’s kind of the point.
Pour l’exemple, here’s my most recent Instapic {is that what you young people call them?} from yesterday on my way home after work. Simply titled ‘me and Mozart’ … 

… Have I lured you in yet? I’ll be blogging more on Mozzy soon, so keep your eyes peeled. To get the sneak on more of my adventures, you can follow me on Instagram here! And more importantly, are you on it? And can you recommend the best people to follow? I’m super new and don’t really know the rules, so please help a sister out. Let’s get weird together. 
xx A

* Please excuse the thick layer of cheese on that one. I couldn’t help myself.