Lovely mention – Poppytalk, part deux

While scrolling through my daily blog fix yesterday morning, what did my eyes spy, only just another lovely mention from Poppytalk! Hell yeah. Check out number two on their Mini DIY Round-Up …

… featuring my little himmeli tutorial. Well, shucks. After spending a crummy weekend passing in and out of consciousness on my couch* thanks to a lovely stress-induced chest infection, this really cheered me up yesterday. And on that note, god bless penicillin.

Happy crafting all 🙂

*I spent all weekend doing what I think was watching the Olympics. It was all very strange thanks to my fever. Also, am I the only one who gets sick on a Friday evening? There is nothing more infuriating than getting ill moments before the weekend. Seriously. The entire weekend I was a zombie. Does my immune system not take my plans into consideration? 


True story

In case you didn’t guess, this is my embarrassing ‘sports’ injury. As a spectator, not as a participant. I never thought I’d win a mug for it. 

Everything in moderation, including moderation

These. Are Nanaimo bars. Rich crumbly chocolate coconut base, delicate smooth custard filling, topped with a crunchy layer of chocolate that when you bite into it, smooshes the creamy centre all over the shop. If you aren’t salivating there’s something wrong with you.

These remind me so much of Canada. Nothing can top Tim Hortons. Nanaimo bars are painfully good, and look way more difficult to make than they actually are. Trust me. I wouldn’t make them if they were difficult.

I’ve made these mothers twice in 10 days, that’s how good they are. I wanted to share this recipe on Canada day, but I was balls-to-the-wall sickly so here it is, over a week late. Prepare your waist line for the glory that are Nanaimo bars …

1/2 cup of butter, softened 
1/4 cup white sugar 
5 tablespoons of cocoa power 
1 egg 
1 3/4 cups graham cracker crumbs {I used Digestive biscuits. Just smash ’em} 
1 cup flaked coconut 

1/2 cup butter 
3 tablespoons heavy cream
2 tablespoons of custard powder
2 cups confectioners sugar

1 ounce semisweet baking chocolate
2 teaspoons butter

On the stove over very low heat, combine butter, sugar, and cocoa powder and stir until smooth and butter is melted. Take off the heat. Beat in the egg, stiring until thick. Mix in the biscuit crumbs and flaked coconut. Press into an ungreased tin {8x8inches} using the back of a spoon.

For the middle layer, cream together butter, cream and custard until fluffy. Mix in the confectioners sugar until smooth. Spread on top of bottom layer and allow to cool in the fridge. 

While the second layer is chilling, melt the chocolate and butter in a saucepan. Spread over the chilled layers. Allow to set in the fridge before cutting into bars. Prepare yourself to slip into a delicate sugar coma. 

Original recipe can be found here