Any excuse for skulls

One of my favourite times of the year is finally here – Halloween. Ever since I can remember, I’ve adored Halloween. Most likely because of the level of creativity and effort  that goes into decorating your house as well as yourself. And the pillowcase full of sweets at the end of the night may have had a small part to play when I was young … Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a safe evening 🙂

1Fiance Husband and my outfits today in work. Embrace the power of the skull. 2. Skull accessorizing. 3. Black squid ink pasta {tastes like normal pasta in case you’re curious. I would highly recommend. Would also be perfect for sophisticated dinner soirees}. 4. Preparing the coffee table for a week of movie watching. 5. Failed Halloween yarn project. Massive sad face. 6. A friendly reminder of the time of year. 7. Juniper less than impressed with Halloween. Especially when I mash her into ridiculous costumes.

Later, homies!

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