Just right

Last night I did some experimenting. Before you get too excited, it was with flowers and how we would arrange our teapot centrepieces, what combinations looked good, and how many flowers we would need per teapot. 
Before any of you vomit directly into your mouths, yes those are carnations, and yes I bought them in all their dark and moodiful glory. I know some people can get aggro when the word ‘carnation’ is even mentioned. But think of these mixed with dark purple smoke tree leaves, dark {possibly black} roses , and of course, hydrangeas, all of which set against dainty old teapots and the likes. Om, nom, nom. 
But I have a dirty secret. I painted this hydrangea. I used Montana‘s matt finish spray paint in ‘Winegum’, sprayed from afar to avoid drips or blotches, and I have to say, it is incredibly convincing and natural looking. A light dusting in places to still reveal the natural colour in some areas, I think I’ve found my ideal bouquet colour*.
See the before and after pictures below … {keep in mind these photos don’t do the ‘after’ picture enough justice}. What do you think? For the record, fiance didn’t realized it was sprayed. But then again, he’s a man.

*I should state that when ordering hydrangeas, you can’t get them in this colour. Farmed hydrangeas don’t come in a spectrum of colours like you would find in your neighbours garden, so the flowers available to us are only in a limited number of bright hues. 

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