Giving in.

I don’t want to admit it to myself, let alone blog it, but I am giving in and will be embracing Christmas early this year.
Nine days ago I started a new job. Something that I am very thankful for because out of the last two years, I’ve only been employed for eight months of that time. For those of you who aren’t Irish, or aware of the current state of Ireland: it is a pooh hole. And there are no jobs. I know absolutely nothing about politics or how to run a country, but even I can see gaping holes in the governments plans and am appalled at what has unraveled over the past week. Basically, Ireland is bankrupt. Outside of my own little world involving design and family and friends, there’s not much to look forward to. You have to put your blinders on, otherwise it would become too much. I am blissfully ignoring it since I can’t do much about it at the moment.
My new job is involved in design, for which I am very thankful for – department store or not. There is also a large Christmas department. I’m amazed at people who come in and are buying Christmas trees already. Everyone who I speak with are getting ready for Christmas for the same reason I am delaying it: because it’s a special time of year with a wonderful feeling. People are decorating because they need something to look forward to. Since my new job, I have had zero time for myself. I’ve done no college work, and my kitchen is a disgrace due to neglect. I also next to never see my boyfriend since I’m in work all the time, and he’s in college for the remaining time.
For these reasons, I am gleefully embracing Christmas next Saturday. Mulled wine, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and sleigh bells. I cannot wait. To me, Christmas is a feeling. It’s something I feel in my chest, like a warm light, and once it’s switched on, there’s no turning back. Since I grew up in Canada, Christmas is what you see on those beautiful winter seasonal cards. I haven’t had a proper Christmas in 7 years {I can’t believe it’s been that long}, but the feeling is still there, welling up in my chest every year. And it’s about to start next weekend.

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