Sneak peek – beef up your bookcase

I’ve been whittling away at my bookshelves casually for a couple of months now. I posted about my need to revamp my bookshelves (here), and I finally got my bookshelves looking just right. For me. Why, do you ask, does it matter? Because I have OCD when it comes to design and neatness and I don’t feel complete until my apartment has been meddled with on a daily basis. Having unachievable goals helps a lot.

These are a couple tasters of  some of my favorite parts of my shelves. Pretty prettiness. Offish pictures will be up later this week. After I actually take them …

Blackboard wall – Halloween

Last weekend we got in the mood for Halloween by a festival of the Paranormal Activities trilogy. I had 30 minutes to draw something Halloweeny for our chalkboard wall beforehand, and this is what I came up with. Not ground breaking. I really wanted to draw an unholy amount of ghouls, skeletons, and zombies, but didn’t have the time. So I drew some massive spider webs in stead. I’ve already invested some serious thought into my Christmas wall – I know, too soon.
I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween this weekend! I hope you’re being something scary. I never understand when people dress as cute things {children are exempt from this statement}. It’s Halloween for god sake. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my fellow Canadians out there, I’m {jealously} wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Our family celebrates it here in Ireland, but it’s just not the same. My mom is out of town at the moment, so we’ll be celebrating it next weekend. Please enjoy something dipped in maple syrup or wrapped in bacon for me.

My only other news worthy of blogging is this past Saturday morning I woke up early and painted one of our living room walls in blackboard paint, and I’ve turned into an 8 year old again. My mind is doing cartwheels just thinking of decorating it for Halloween. So far, this is all I’ve tackled – plus the necessary test drawings one can imagine. Just to make sure it’s working properly. 
TIPS should you use blackboard paint yourself – it’s like tar. Very thick paint, and it takes 24+ hours to dry. Try to keep your windows open as much as possible {it stinks}, wear clothes you don’t mind ruining, and don’t use your favorite paint brush or roller. Be prepared to throw them out if you don’t have any white spirits at hand.