This evening, thanks to Image Interiors & Living and Yelp, Dublin had its first ever #DublinDesignNight. A wide range of design shops across Dublin had special access for the Design Night pass holders. From screen printing to floral arranging to cocktails and delicious grub, it was a bustling evening of exciting trips back and forth across Dublin. 

I had only an hour to see as much as I could, so it was a bit of a design-drive-by. First up, I stopped into The Garden to make a little widdle terrarium. I ran into Rincy and Nathalie while I was waiting in line and then [finally!] met Hilda outside on the steps. You couldn’t swing a cat without running into someone you knew! [please don’t swing cats]. 

A photo posted by Alex C – The Interior DIYer (@interiordiyer) on Sep 30, 2015 at 2:30pm PDT

After our terrarium workshop, I popped into Designist, then looped back to Industry and the Irish Design Shop before heading into Article for Clover Rua‘s screen printing session.

Before I cycled home I dropped into Find for a good snoop around, then hopped on my bike, precariously balancing all of the things as I went, and made my way home [good news – my succulent survived the after-dark bicycle ride down Thomas Street with its characters]. 
While I was in Article I couldn’t resist one of their copper and blush pink candle sticks that I had spied on their Instagram a couple of weeks ago [plus my OTT comment]. At long last, I have a use for my copper atomizer! Welcome home, little succulent. I hope you don’t die. 
So in short, #DublinDesignNight was such a wonderful night, to be jumping from place to place with like-minded design enthusiasts and nerds alike, and I cannot wait for the next one. 

True story

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago. We were visiting my parents one weekend and when I first arrived I spied something unsual in my mom’s art room. I went in to inspect. There, hanging in the corner of the room was a branch suspended by two pieces of twine*. 

Oh I really like what you have going on here, mom“, I called out to her. 

Oh. OH! I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS!” my mom said, running for a magazine. “I was flicking through the last Image Interiors & Living when on page 69 I saw a room that had a branch hanging from the ceiling. I really liked it and thought it would look great to hang my paintings from. I kept flicking through the magazine and there on page 135 was a tutorial for how to hang a branch of your own. Oh! I thought, how lucky am I! It was only after I hung up my own branch that I noticed that the tutorial was written by an ‘Alex’ … Then I realised IT WAS YOUR TUTORIAL IN THE MAGAZINE“.

My mom is hilarious and was so excited, we were literally holding our faces because our minds were so blown. My mom DIYed a project she found in a magazine and later realised it was written by me. True story. 

You can now find my ‘Branch Out’ tutorial from the July / August issue available online on Image.ie!

*As it’s in their conservatory, it’s not suspended from the ceiling like in my tutorial because, well, there is no ceiling so my mom improvised. 

Image Interiors & Living – Ask the Experts

Hello Friday, you sexy beast. You are here at last and the cherry to the top this fine Friday – the new Image Interiors & Living is out! The Ask the Experts team is back and in this issue I put my DIY knowledge to good use with a readers’ question about how to DIY a hanging branch for their home. It was a perfect question as it was a culmination of two recent projects I did in our spare bedroom [pendant cord light + branch art], so I was like, don’t worry guys, I got this.

I still have to pinch myself when I see me alongside the likes of Roisin, John and Peadar. I’m just waiting for someone to realise I’m an intruder. Wait a second, how did SHE get in here! Off with her head. But seriously, there aren’t enough awkward words in my vocabulary to describe how humbled I am to be included in this panel. It’s pretty awesome.

You can check out the full mag in all good newsagents as and from today. And happy Friday of course! TFIF.

UPDATE – you can check the full tutorial online on Image.ie here