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Image Interiors & Living - Ask the Experts

Hello Friday, you sexy beast. You are here at last and the cherry to the top this fine Friday - the new Image Interiors & Living is out! The Ask the Experts team is back and in this issue I put my DIY knowledge to good use with a readers' question about how to DIY a hanging branch for their home. It was a perfect question as it was a culmination of two recent projects I did in our spare bedroom [pendant cord light + branch art], so I was like, don't worry guys, I got this.

I still have to pinch myself when I see me alongside the likes of Roisin, John and Peadar. I'm just waiting for someone to realise I'm an intruder. Wait a second, how did SHE get in here! Off with her head. But seriously, there aren't enough awkward words in my vocabulary to describe how humbled I am to be included in this panel. It's pretty awesome.

You can check out the full mag in all good newsagents as and from today. And happy Friday of course! TFIF.

UPDATE - you can check the full tutorial online on Image.ie here


  1. Awww IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME that is why. Don't forget that. xxx

  2. It is totally deserved - you are the best!! xx

    1. Awww, thank you Maria. Even if you're just being polite :P x


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