‘How to use Instagram’ – Sunday Independent feature

If you turned to page 5 of yesterday’s Sunday Independent Property Suppliement paper, you would have found Cora’s cheeky little face alongside a lovely piece by Nathalie about Instagram parents who went against typical design trends when it came to designing their little ones nurseries, and who found Instagram and Pinterest places of inspiration. 

It’s a really sweet piece and I’m so glad and count myself very lucky to have been included in it. Or should I say, that Cora’s been included! Because let’s face it, she steals the show these days [not complaining]. 
I really miss Cora’s room these days and I find myself saying to myself “Oh I’ll paint Cora’s room a nice muted grey … No wait, I can’t do that AGAIN“, but we’ll see. It was such a lovely combination of colours and was such a calm room for her, I might recreate it a bit in her new Ottawegan bedroom. Thank you again Nathalie, and thank you Yolene for nabbing a copy of our feature and photographing it for me 🐃😜

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  1. November 1, 2017 / 21:58

    Cora looks so cute here – as always!! And you really did a great job on her nursery. The colours and design worked so well – there is no harm in recreating it, or part of it, in your new home. Why force yourself to do something you don't like as much?! The colour of Cora's lovely crib really looked god with that muted grey! xx

    • November 9, 2017 / 08:23

      It's awful – I just keep coming back to Lunar Rock for her walls here! 😂 So I'm forcing myself to think about something else. I have a few really fun ideas in mind but I still have to get my head around them.

      And I think that's half of it! Cora's crib looked SO GOOD with that wall colour. It's going to be hard deciding on something else.