Instagram roundup – November

Can someone please ‘splain to me how it’s already December?! I feel like an old record repeating myself almost every month recently, but srsly. The year is absolutely flying by and Christmas is fast approaching. Late last night whilst drinking mulled wine and watching Elf, I got an idea to do the 12 DIY’s of Christmas, but after a brief conversation with husband, I came to the conclusion that it sounds awesome, but it would not be humanly possible as I only have 2 maybe 3 solid DIY projects in mind. But now that I’m writing about it, I kind of still want to do it. Oh, welp. 
What was this post about again? Oh yeah, my Instagram roundup. Not as exciting as my cat video from last month, but I’m planning to make a mini vid with some Christmas bell action going on. I do like a good jingle bell. Happy December of course! Keep your eyes peeled this week for the official beginning of Christmassy goodness 😉 xx A

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  1. December 5, 2013 / 11:50

    Looking at the picture of the mulled wine sachets reminds me to tell you – I made some mulled cider! So easy – just used a random litre of cider, with one of those mulled wine sachets and four dessert spoons of sugar – heated it up and away you go! So easy and sooooo good! (Saved me faffing around with all the spices separately!) I've had to remove instagram from my phone again – phone can't cope! – but an upgrade is due in a couple of weeks!! Sorry – this comment was all about ME – how RUDE!!! xx

  2. December 9, 2013 / 14:22

    Yep, sounds like an upgrade is in order now Maria. You know where I'm at anyways once it all gets sorted – I'll be the one with one hundred cat pictures in your feed.

    And mulled cider – Imma have to let husband know about that one! I'd say he'll love it. And it sounds so lovely minus the booze. Sometimes it's nice to drink something that isn't riddled with booze. Sometimes.