Tall, dark and jetsam

Today the Tall Ships festival launched in Dublin, just down the road from where I work. Which means I crept some nautical stuff as well as a couple of sailors for good measure. In a desperate attempt to justify my posting shippy pics, I’ve teamed them up with some design images and items I’ve stumbled across as of late … A rather weak ruse. 

I had really hoped the ships would have had their sails open, but it was windy here in Dublin, so that was a no-go. The Tall Ships festival runs all weekend, and I’m a little heartbroken since I’m going to be away and won’t get to go on any ships. I would have loved to get my anchor tattoo out for the occasion as my tats haven’t been out much this year {I am always in tights}. Any excuse really. 
Image cred 2, 3, 46

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