Lovely mention – Poppytalk

Be still my beating heart.

I’ve been meaning to post my most monumental mention to date, which has caused an explosion of interest in my little blog – my lovely mention on Poppytalk. It triggered loads of deceptive dust cover mentions from Urban Threads, frohlockend, and a cluster of Pinterest pins, where there were only 3 the day before. 
This all kicked off on Friday, and after hours of sitting in front of my laptop, mouth open, clicking between Blogger, Twitter, and other social outlets, I went for a very long walk. I’m only now getting my head around it, and seeing what I can make out of all of this – to work in my favor, maybe to gain some street cred toward my career.

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  1. September 1, 2011 / 11:43

    I found your blog via poppytalk and this DIY and I really happy I did.

    Now you go and get that street cred!