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I am nearing the end of my final project for my BA in Interior Design. T-minus 24 days until my final presentation, and 24 days until the rest of my life. I’ve been studying for four years part time while working full time, and I literally am at a point where having complete control of your own free time is a completely foreign concept to me.
I’m busily working away on my CAD plans and 3D Max, and it’s easy for me to forget my concept and what I’m aiming for. What better way to remind myself what I’m loosing countless hours over, than to share a couple of my favorite concept, typology, and precedent images – to keep me on track.
Raffles City Beijing Office by SMC Aslop | My initial inspiration for my current project was encouraged by the Raffles Beijing Sales Office. A strongly reflective environment, which had a feature wall I so much wanted to achieve. Similar to the 4 minutes video by Madonna and Justin Timberlake {slightly embarrassing to have that as a reference}, I wanted a feature wall that was encroaching on a typically normal or clinical space.
Zaha Hadid | Her Sonnabend instillations really appealed to me. I like the absent environment, mixed with an interactive foreign object intruding on the space. What an overwhelming feel to a room.

Natalia Farnosova and Helena Samarin | I can’t help but cringe when I hear or use the term futuristic, but it is ultimately the vibe I’m trying to achieve for this project. I have found abundant inspiration from this amazing apartment in Kiev designed by Natalia and Helena.

Tron Legacy | My last three college projects have been influenced by movies, to a degree. For the most part the Tron soundtrack has influenced a lot of my creative process, and is just the pick-me-up I need when the going gets tough. It was more so perfect timing, since my project is going down a similar route, even using some similar cold blue highlights and those Barcelona chairs, I want to much. {source}
If any of you are in the same boat and are nearing your finals – I feel your pain. Good luck, and hopefully you can see the finish line!

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