That rug really tied the room together, did it not?

Inspired by a recent Facebook post from an ex-coworker of mine who has an equally obsessive fascination with The Big Lebowski, I was influenced to write a little post about what rugs can bring to a room.  

“Alex, please promise me you will, at some stage in your design career, be sure to tell someone they must have a particular rug because it really ties the room together …” 

Thus, this post came about. 

Monochrome | I’m really into big bold black and white prints. I hope to have a big striped rug in my living room one day. What a way to add a contemporary twist to an otherwise traditional design. Images | Your Decorating Hotline and Javabali

Pretty in pink | Over sized stamp rug by Stamp Rugs. Coupled with a quaint bathroom with a punch of pink and red in the rug. Images | Prickly Thorn Sweetly Worn and Downlo
More mono | I couldn’t help adding these two pictures. More black and white loveliness. Images | Modern Homes Interior and E+ST+Laurent. Please note I very much prefer replicated animal print in stead of actual animal print. 

Relief rug | Not your run-of-the-mill rugs – amazing cut Stella Rug by Michelle Mason as well as the amazing and homely little black rug and Make yourself at home rugs by John Pour Home

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