True story

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago. We were visiting my parents one weekend and when I first arrived I spied something unsual in my mom’s art room. I went in to inspect. There, hanging in the corner of the room was a branch suspended by two pieces of twine*. 

Oh I really like what you have going on here, mom“, I called out to her. 

Oh. OH! I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS!” my mom said, running for a magazine. “I was flicking through the last Image Interiors & Living when on page 69 I saw a room that had a branch hanging from the ceiling. I really liked it and thought it would look great to hang my paintings from. I kept flicking through the magazine and there on page 135 was a tutorial for how to hang a branch of your own. Oh! I thought, how lucky am I! It was only after I hung up my own branch that I noticed that the tutorial was written by an ‘Alex’ … Then I realised IT WAS YOUR TUTORIAL IN THE MAGAZINE“.

My mom is hilarious and was so excited, we were literally holding our faces because our minds were so blown. My mom DIYed a project she found in a magazine and later realised it was written by me. True story. 

You can now find my ‘Branch Out’ tutorial from the July / August issue available online on!

*As it’s in their conservatory, it’s not suspended from the ceiling like in my tutorial because, well, there is no ceiling so my mom improvised. 

Snuggle up with this week’s Sunday Times

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Nell and Conor, the creative couple behind Snug, all about their Snugboro home and [srsly] striking furniture business. I learned all about the intricate process and thought that goes into each one of their pieces. All of which were designed out of necessity after building their Wicklow home by hand. The effort, skill and thought that Conor and Nell put into each piece is incredible.

Available in today’s Irish Sunday Times in all newsagents, countrywide, you can read the whole article about this ultimate design duo. And if you can’t get your hands on a copy, head over to their site to have an oogle. Happy Sunday, friends xx

House and Home – #PetsAndPieces

Back in May, House and Home called out on Instagram for people to share their #PetsAndPieces – showcasing our furry friends alongside [or in my case, on] our favourite furniture and pieces around our home. I couldn’t resist, so I tagged this photo of Juniper, among others.

Fast forward to present day, and who did I find looking up at me in the current House and Home magazine? Only just our little Juniper! …

“Alex, The Interior DIYer’s mischievous cat Juniper,
hanging out on the shelf.”

Thank you Anna for including our fur baby! I couldn’t resist sharing Juniper’s little feature here as well, as I already shared it elsewhere online. That curious face kills me every time. I also couldn’t resist sharing for the sake of a hashtag – #MyPussyIsOnPage6 – not many people get to write that while keeping their dignity wholly intact. Happy Friday, friends!