Laser cut Arcade

I’m not sure about where you are, but today the weather in Dublin is fifty shades of meh. In an effort to cheer up my afternoon I thought I’d share this amazing laser cut wood silhouette of George’s Street Arcade by Alljoy Design that I spied in Jam Art Prints last weekend. It’s not often that I see something and immediately have to have it [I usually think about something a lot before buying it, even if it’s a pair of tights], but I actually had to have this piece. 

The George’s Street Arcade is one of my favourite buildings in Dublin City Centre and even though I’ve passed it regularly for close to 12 years I still stop, stare and dream about living up among the turrets. This laser cut representation is so beautifully detailed and perfectly reflects just how amazing the Arcade is.

I wasn’t too keen on the font that was used for the engraving across the front so I covered it with a piece of Dymo that says the same as underneath [the engraving says George St Arcade but the correct name is George’s St Arcade]. I’m sure that’s me being pedantic, but I can easily remove the label if I change my mind or if a sweltering level of guilt hits me. There’s of course the option to frame this piece but I quite like how it looks perched on our living room shelf against the dark walls. I’m very glad to have this quirky piece added to our embarrassingly small collection of artwork, but I’m working on it!


This evening, thanks to Image Interiors & Living and Yelp, Dublin had its first ever #DublinDesignNight. A wide range of design shops across Dublin had special access for the Design Night pass holders. From screen printing to floral arranging to cocktails and delicious grub, it was a bustling evening of exciting trips back and forth across Dublin. 

I had only an hour to see as much as I could, so it was a bit of a design-drive-by. First up, I stopped into The Garden to make a little widdle terrarium. I ran into Rincy and Nathalie while I was waiting in line and then [finally!] met Hilda outside on the steps. You couldn’t swing a cat without running into someone you knew! [please don’t swing cats]. 

A photo posted by Alex C – The Interior DIYer (@interiordiyer) on Sep 30, 2015 at 2:30pm PDT

After our terrarium workshop, I popped into Designist, then looped back to Industry and the Irish Design Shop before heading into Article for Clover Rua‘s screen printing session.

Before I cycled home I dropped into Find for a good snoop around, then hopped on my bike, precariously balancing all of the things as I went, and made my way home [good news – my succulent survived the after-dark bicycle ride down Thomas Street with its characters]. 
While I was in Article I couldn’t resist one of their copper and blush pink candle sticks that I had spied on their Instagram a couple of weeks ago [plus my OTT comment]. At long last, I have a use for my copper atomizer! Welcome home, little succulent. I hope you don’t die. 
So in short, #DublinDesignNight was such a wonderful night, to be jumping from place to place with like-minded design enthusiasts and nerds alike, and I cannot wait for the next one. 

House and Home – #PetsAndPieces

Back in May, House and Home called out on Instagram for people to share their #PetsAndPieces – showcasing our furry friends alongside [or in my case, on] our favourite furniture and pieces around our home. I couldn’t resist, so I tagged this photo of Juniper, among others.

Fast forward to present day, and who did I find looking up at me in the current House and Home magazine? Only just our little Juniper! …

“Alex, The Interior DIYer’s mischievous cat Juniper,
hanging out on the shelf.”

Thank you Anna for including our fur baby! I couldn’t resist sharing Juniper’s little feature here as well, as I already shared it elsewhere online. That curious face kills me every time. I also couldn’t resist sharing for the sake of a hashtag – #MyPussyIsOnPage6 – not many people get to write that while keeping their dignity wholly intact. Happy Friday, friends!