Instagram roundup – October

My new favourite lazy way to wind down the month is with an Instagram roundup. I’m in my second month of Instagram and I basically think it’s the neatest thing out there. I like stuff and I like taking pictures of stuff and I like looking at pictures of other people’s stuff and therefore I’m into Instagram. It’s the little things, right? 
This month I also wrote, directed, shot and narrated my very first Insta-video … 

… Which I’m embarrassingly proud of*. Special thanks to one of my BFF’s who bought me / our cats that little delight. And for the record, Juniper and Toshi are now plotting her death.

And in the day that it is – HALLOWEEN! – it would be a shame not to share with you thee biggest sewing project I’ve worked on to date. Prepare your retinas …

Since I was about 10 years old I’ve wanted to be Lydia in her red wedding dress for Halloween. Finally, I did it. One month of sewing and she’s finally complete. I will however be a happy girl if I never have to sew with such retina-burning-red ever again, but it was sew worth it …Also please ignore the complete creeper look on my face. I cannot explain that. So from me and mine to you and yours – happy Halloween! 🙂 xx A
*I’ve always wanted to cross over into vlogging {video blogging}, but I’ve never built up enough courage to sit in front of the camera. Maybe in November I’ll do it. I said maybe … 

‘Tis the season

I asked my mom the other day if I was ever a princess for Halloween. “No, never. You always wanted to be a witch or something scary. You never wanted to be a princess“, and so it stands. I’ve always been more comfortable with darker Halloween costumes, and darker colours in general – not just at Halloween time. Case in point – I’m naturally blonde, but I dye my hair black because I prefer darker colours and I think it suits me better. Husband however, disagrees. Strongly.

I’m a firm believer in scary Halloween in my house. Not cute and bright – not to say any of those things are wrong in any way, I always find when I decorate my home, out comes the creep. All the old books, my swelling decanter collection takes the spotlight, and more stuff from outside comes in. I’ve almost always decorated from pieces I already have. I’m sure in time, when I produce spawn, the cuter Halloween will come out. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it … 

Something that irritates me to no end around this time of year is bad fake blood. It’s either believable and I’m going to faint, or it’s such a high-pitch red ain’t nobody believing that. A good few years back I came up with a recipe for good fake blood, which I use to this day. Mix a couple spoonfulls of instant coffee with a teaspoon of regular red food dye, and dilute with around 5 cups of water. You’ll more than likely need to mess with the coffee / red dye / water ratio, but it’s minimal effort for what I think to be convincing results. Keep in mind this is red food dye, so don’t be mixing it over your 3,000 count Egyptian sheets. Unless of course you’re looking to add a blood stain to a costume,  then by all means, drip away. 

This year I decorated with mostly pieces we already have. I got fancy on the shelf over our TV and taped a Blair Witch style stick man in our cloche {that movie still terrifies me. Please don’t judge}, I added some discerning labels to our decanters, an awesome skull wreath my dad found at Home Store + More {it was 50% off – and still is!}, and a smattering of skulls here and there – most of which were already out. Because in case you’re new here, I like skulls. 

So that is what I’ve added to our home so far this creepy season. I’ve been pouring all my spare time into making my Halloween costume. To go along with the creep factor, I’m dressing up as Lydia in her red wedding dress {which has about one million layers of lace that I’m sewing by hand}, and hubster will be Beetlejuice, obv. I cannot. Wait! What are you guys being for Halloween? And do you try your hand at making your own costumes? xx A
NOTE: no kittens were harmed in the making of this post.