Hydrangea Girl turns two

This day two years ago it all started with a nudge from some amazing blogs to inspire me to start my own little corner of the internet machine. My first blog post was entitled ‘In the beginning‘, where I wrote about how awkwardly the word ‘blog’ sat in my mouth. At the time I wasn’t sure what my blog would be about, but I created it as a dumping place to share everything that tickled my fancy.

As lame as it sounds, I’m quite proud of my little site as it has helped me focus, encouraged my passion for design, made me become more creative, and taught me to set and more importantly reach personal deadlines. 
One thing I’ve enjoyed the most is creating the aesthetics of my blog {god bless Photoshop}. This space has had its share of facelifts, all of which you can see here if you are curiouso.

Happy 2nd birthday baby, you’ve come a long way …

The month of June

Any non cat lovers avert {and roll} your eyes. This is my third {and final} cat birthday installment for the year. My true baby, Juniper Pearl Berry, turned 8 this past weekend 🙂 She’s the most trusting cat I’ve known, carries her toys in her mouth and howls until you play with her, loves getting her belly rubbed, and is able to throw some seriously dirty looks if something doesn’t suit her.
Juniper comes with a tiny sob story since she was a very unhealthy kitten when we first got her, but she’s a trooper. She’s all good now. We found a lady who was looking after abandoned cats when we were in search for some additions to our family 8 years ago {insert dream sequence} …

The lady said she had a special kitten that would need particular attention. She brought out Juniper who was so weak  she could barely lift her head. So much sob! I took one look at her and knew she was mine. We brought her home along with another black kitten who we affectionately named Lucifer – my brothers cat. 

When Juniper was small she caught a bad chest infection {before we got her}. Her eyes were bad, her ears infected, her mouth had sores, and she had a bad cough. That is, until I mothered the hell out of her. I cuddled hot water bottles with her, wiped her nose, cleaned her mouth and ears until she got better, and subsequently got an attitude. The most adorable attitude ever. If I were to leave the room, she would get up and follow me, even if she was sleeping. And still does it to this day.

Thanks to Junipers chest infection when she was little, she is in a constant state of snorting like a piglet – vets say that her nasal passageway grew around the infections, so she is forever breathing like Darth Vader. It sounds scary, but it’s quite cute in a weird way. As I say to guests “she just sounds sick. She isn’t really”. 

June sleeps under the covers with me every night and is the best cuddler. She literally is my child.
Above, June cutting a pretty dirty look with my Colonel cross stitch, and being a seriously grumpy model with my monochromatic afghan blanket. She’s probably saying “mom, you’re embarrassing me”, but I’m ignoring her.

I’m a Lady

Our second kitty, Lady Toshi Arnolfini, had her fourth birthday recently, so out come the embarrassing baby pictures. I’m quite a bad mom 🙁 It was Toshi’s birthday two weeks ago, and I’m only now getting around to wading through my photos to find uber cute pics. 
Toshi is a very photogenic kitten, but not always in her favour. She’s the most loving kitty I’ve been owned by, and she will go out of her way for a rub, an awkward snuggle, or to lay on your shoulders. She chirps like a bird at times, and is the worst beggar, but she hasn’t a bad bone in her body. Here are my favorite pictures of her I thought all my fellow crazy cat ladies will appreciate …

I’ll finish on my two favourite pictures of Toshi – Tosh ‘helping’ fiance write his dissertation {that face kills me!}, and Tosh ‘helping’ fiance do the dishes. So incredibly awkward and cute.