Proof of Life

Hello! I am still here and I am infact alive.

When I realize I haven’t published a blog post in 5 months, that makes me want to write a bunch of posts and backdate them to disguise that I’ve done nothing for nearly 6 months. Or, should I say done nothing online. The last few months have been a lot. I didn’t want to force myself to do something I couldn’t mentally manage, so one of those things was unfortunately my blog.

Robert and I have been working full time [from home] while Cora is home with us all day [our gut instinct has been to keep her home and stop sending her to daycare. She’s been at home with us since the first lockdown started on March 13th]. Cora started her first year of kindergarten this autumn [from home], which has meant adding another plate to our already circus of spinning plates.

I won’t get started with work, but it’s been a lot. November is always a very busy time for us, so I’m glad the last month is behind us.

Luckily, both Robert and I strongly agreed on going overboard with Christmas this year. Not necessarily presents, but over-the-top decorating and twinkly lights and baking and crafts and putting every ornament on display, beginning with buying two more Christmas trees [yes, we have lost it and no, we have no regerts].


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  1. Barbara R Dominey
    December 10, 2020 / 12:42

    Good for you, keeping your priorities straight! As for the decorating, I don’t think you’ve lost it, at all (says the woman who just ordered an inflatable multicolored unicorn to go with the family of inflatable Christmas dragons on her front lawn). Happy holidays to you and your lovely family!

    • December 21, 2020 / 03:07

      Oh Barb if we lived on your block we’d be the family standing outside your house every night narrating and naming your lawn decorations.

  2. Dana
    December 13, 2020 / 21:16

    I’m loving your blog! I discovered you through pinterest ( the black fusion painted cabinet) and was excited to find out you lived in my hometown Ottawa. I read your blog starting from your apartment in Ireland all the way to your new house. Please keep up the good work!

    • December 21, 2020 / 04:23

      Thank you so much, Dana! And that must have been quite the task reading so many of my old blog posts – and that didn’t scare you off. Colour me impressed 😌

      That hutch is still one of my most favourite projects.