Desk update

I’d like to say I’ve spent the past week doing something really fabulous or important, but instead I’ve been scanning roughly 13 years worth of paperwork. I borrowed my brother’s scanner and as boring as it sounds, I scanned and recycled 90% of our bank statements, payslips, Revenue letters and Irish Water bills [I scanned them just for the craic] and it’s been such a mental and actual clear-out in our apartment. I went crazy the first morning at my desk and scanned about 200 documents while Robert and Cora were out for a walk. It was my kind of other-people-would-find-it-boring heaven. 

Since I’ve spent so much time at my desk lately, I took some pictures of it as I don’t think I’ve photographed it since we got our nearly new mahogany desk. I’ve gotten some new desk stuff over the past while but never got around to sharing any of it, so I figured today was a good time. 

For Christmas 3 [or more!] years ago, Robert got a Big Lebowski Kit solely for the rug mouse pad that came with it which is so perfect for our desk. It really tied the room together, did it not. Then roughly 2 years ago I picked up a nihilist’s screen cloth [because Lebowski theme] along with a load of other stuff one day in Dust [I wish I visited their shop so much more when it was open. Welp]. They no longer stock these screen cloths and I tried looking for one online but it turns out if you google anything nihilist, you’re going to find some weird stuff. I use the cloth a lot, especially since getting a touch-screen laptop for my birthday last year. My old laptop didn’t work unless it was constantly plugged in, it sounded like it was about to take off and it was always searingly hot. Robert convinced me to get a new one, “you’ll probably be relaxing a lot in your last month [of pregnancy] and when the baby arrives.” LOL on both accounts because that didn’t happen. But I do use my new laptop a lot and its matte black and rose gold-esqueness is completely okay with me. 

I love Paperchase diaries but not necessarily their covers, so my diary got contact-papered again this year. I haven’t bought much of anything recently, but one small thing I did impulse buy the other week was this pen from Sostrene Grene for -wait for it- €0.83. It’s a surprisingly good pen for that price and has a really cute crown and pearl detail. I keep it along with my diary in my handbag all the time and as boring and possibly snooty as it sounds, I love taking them out and writing down appointments, events and silly milestones. 

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  1. May 5, 2017 / 15:29

    Oh man I need a new laptop so bad! Mine is actually held together with duck tape. What do you have? I know nothing about that sort of thing but I would buy anything black and gold!

    • May 6, 2017 / 10:30

      I have a HP Spectre laptop – there are two versions of it, and I have the version that has USB ports (the other is very thin and you'd barely be able to plug your headphones into it. This one is a lot more expensive). It was an expensive laptop for us, but it was partially a treat and is something I use every day. Am I justifying it enough yet?! Not to mention it's beautifully rose gold. It doesn't have a disk drive though – not sure if that's something you'd need? I really love it, despite mine having a fluke battery problem but it got repaired free of charge. But don't go by my suggestion alone – I'd strongly suggest going into somewhere like Harvey Norman and being brutally honest with what you want and don't want and they can point you in the right direction.

  2. May 5, 2017 / 15:43

    I love these pictures! I'm always happy when I see a post from you in my feed!

    I had the same thing – Rob bought me a new laptop with touch-screen for my birthday after moaning for ages about how loud my old one was – seems like it was similar to yours! Sounded like it was taking off – and would shoot this boiling hot air out of the side!

    Your desk is looking great, and I see a glimpse of the vase from your stories! Hope we'll get to see more! xx

    • May 6, 2017 / 10:40

      Oh yes I'm hoping to get some decent pictures of my 'new' black swan vase! I took some photos of it yesterday on my desk, but they were straight up awful photos. That just means I'll have to get some fresh flowers and take some photos of them especially. I'm not looking forward to it, but someone has to do it.