Master bedroom makeover update – Part III

Sometimes I find the best way to get my ass in gear a project done is to indulge in some embarrassment and self- induced internet shaming. My humiliation ammunition this week – the feature wall in our bedroom.

Way back in November when I was updating our second hand bedside tables I wanted the after picture to look exponentially better than the before, so I grabbed a tin of leftover paint from the cupboard and quickly painted the wall behind our bed. Very quickly. I painted the wall properly behind the bedside table I was photographing [Robert’s side of the bed] but the rest of the wall – I wasn’t so careful. 

It might not look too bad from these pictures, but trust me that in real life, it’s bad. And not the Michael Jackson type of Bad which is quite good. The bad bad. I painted just one coat of paint everywhere else [as you can see from the haggard brush strokes] and then kinda just left it. For like, four months. So here’s hoping sometime soon I suck it up and paint that second coat. With a roller. Never mind getting around to painting the rest of the room white, hanging up some artwork and rig up some proper wall-mounted bedside lighting. Slow and steady.

Bedroom beforeUpdate IIUpdate III

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  1. March 2, 2016 / 20:34

    Ugh, I feel you. I've had yellow painters tape on the floor in the kitchen for the past three weeks because I finally got around to painting the skirting….but couldn't muster the enthusiasm for the second coat.

    The colour is gorgeous. My bedroom is a dark grey too and I love it!

  2. March 3, 2016 / 02:44

    … "and not Michael Jackson type of bad, which is quite good"… Man, I love you.

  3. March 8, 2016 / 21:57

    That dark wall looks so good in that room! It really sets off the bedside tables and those lovely berry cushions. Just another coat and it'll be perfect! xx

  4. March 16, 2016 / 21:52

    Hahaha! Oh I missed this post so apologies for my late comment but I totally get losing interest after the first coat. The first coat is like YAY CHANGE! NOVELTY! and the second coat is just utterly boring. I feel ya!! Go get her done, 2nd coat is gonna make it look so great! xxx