I want it now – mini Eames Lounge Chair

To say I’m a little obsessed with Eames’ furniture would be an understatement. Their 1956 classic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman combo is my all time favourite. I geek out whenever I see them included in a photo shoot. Husband is sick of hearing me say “when we have our own house we’re owning all of that {insert crazed hand gesture}”, but with a price tag starting at €1,500, it’ll be a long while before that happens. 
That is, until I crept Michelle Chelsea’s tweet a couple of weeks ago about the insanely awesome 3D printed Eames set. Designed by kspence, this 3D printed model is not only so cute I want to squeal a fraction of the size, it’s also a fraction of the price. At $25 = way affordable. 

Way awesome. Perfect desk accompaniment me thinks.

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  1. Barb_in_GA
    July 10, 2013 / 19:17

    Oooh! It would go with my miniature Stickley rocker!