Living room makeover – update

Parting is such sweet sorrow. But in this case, it was well overdue. One Sunday morning I had had enough of our blackboard wall, so I painted over it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling out the possibility of a blackboard wall in the future. I haven’t tired of them fully just yet – it just wasn’t working in our living room and it was time to cut the cord.

After the elimination of the blackboard wall, I added a few pieces to our living room to make the scale of it seem less overwhelming. To give you an idea of the scale, our TV is 50″ and that bell jar is the size of my torso. Unfortunately medium sized objects get lost on our shelf and make it look cluttered. Go big or go home seems to be the motto here. 

I then tried my hand at painting for the first time in a long time {that is, ‘artistically’}, except I’m not happy with the result. Please, do not look directly at my painting. It is much like the sun and will burn your corneas right out of your head. I will be making changes to it for the better. 

I also managed to successfully fill our massive cloche / bell jar – yay! I stuffed it with a hookah I bought during our Tunisian travels, which had otherwise been gathering dust in our storage cupboard. For the moment, it’s a perfect fit.
An oldie but a goodie from our cupboard was this little gargoyle. I made him from clay as part of my final art project in secondary school, close to 10 years ago {oh god, I feel old}. I spotted him the other day and thought he aught to take his place on the shelf. He’s been waiting long enough.

And on a slightly different note, I’m hoping to invest in either a studio light or take a photography refresher course with the aim to take better interiors photos. I’ve mentioned before, our apartment is like a cave, which is why I avoid taking full room pictures because they look like they’ve been dragged through a puddle. And I’m getting tired of it. Fingers crossed I find something. In Dublin. And soon. 
Happy Thursday homies! Just one more day … xx A

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  1. February 21, 2013 / 20:20

    I was just thinking how good the painting looked, when I read the next bit about you not being happy with it!! It looks great! (I originally put "It looks great, fool!" but thought that was a bit cheeky, so deleted it. Now I'm telling you, so what was the point?!)
    The claywork is mega impressive.
    Maria x

    • February 22, 2013 / 13:51

      Hahaha that's excellent Maria. I am a fool. I have a better idea of what I'd like the painting to look like in my head though, so I'm going to have another try at it tonight. And if it turns out worse, I'm going to throw it really emotionally into a skip.

  2. February 22, 2013 / 10:02

    Waving to you, helllllo. Hey sorry I haven't been around. For some reason your blog (and a pile of others) are no longer on my reader. I only just discovered this. Any hooo I will re add your blog to the reader, along with the others that have gone missing. I need to catch up and find out how ya wedding went and what you have been up too. Give me a few days and I will look back on your posts and catch up. Loving the black galaxy globe and gargoyle. Actually I like the white background it makes everything else pop. But I guess I will need to go back and compare it lol. anyway so good to be back and read your blog.

    • February 22, 2013 / 13:56

      So glad to have you back in the blogosphere, Janine! We missed you so 🙂

      A lot has happened since August. I fear you will grow bored of me though if you backdate your reading to then. There's some wedding and honeymoon pics, but the rest is the usual design faff.

  3. February 24, 2013 / 15:19

    Oh… my comment somehow didn't show up. I thought I posted it 2 days ago.
    Meh. Anywho… Lurve the new look… and stop hating on your artwork. I was kind of in love with it!

    • February 25, 2013 / 09:32

      Booo, blogger y u no show Pat's comment? We will never know.

      All these lovely comments sure are making me feel guilty about changing my painting 🙂 But alas, the new version is almost finished. I will share soon, and hopefully you will approve.

    • February 26, 2013 / 02:55

      I am sure it will be just as awesome!