Boy, oh boy

Last night I got my long awaited PaperBoy Wallpaper sample in the post. It’s kind of extremely awesome. I first stumbled upon the PaperBoy website at the beginning of this year, and just had to blog their ridiculously creative wallpaper. It was only recently I was able to order a sample, since my post code was being silly on the ordering page. But alas, persistence has paid off and I was greeted with an enormous sample when I came home. I found it difficult to get a good picture of the wallpaper myself {above}, so you can see a truly accurate image of the glossy bones below directly from their website
Plus, how awesome is it to receive a handwritten message directly from the designer Victoria? I am definitely ordering a pillow or two of this pattern in the near future. But for now I have a little framing project on the go for my living room that part of this would work perfect in. 
My original post about PaperBoy Wallpaper – “What little boys are made of“. 

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