My favorite picks – come fly with me

1. 2011 IKEA catalogue. I have a terrible weakness for IKEA. 
2. Fornasetti wallpaper at Cole & Son. I ordered a sample of this to hang in my kitchen, but the pattern is so huge all I got was corners of four circles. All I wanted was a lady drinking from a cup. Is that too much to ask?
3. Quiet Life tablets. I rarely take medication. But I am a very, very, very nervous traveler. Me and planes don’t mix. I get worked up days before a flight, so for the first time I took something for my nerves. Available at most pharmacies, this completely natural herbal remedy relieves stress and worry. If you are a worrier like me, you should try this out. It’s very good.
4. Paul’s Boutique Molly Camo bag. Wherever I go, women manhandle this bag. It’s kind of really awesome. 
5. Skips. Fizzibly melty prawn cocktail delights, and I will not confess how many bags I ingested this week alone.

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