Design pieces I packed in my suitcase when we moved country

This might a bit of a strange blog post, but there were a lot of design pieces I packed and brought with me when we moved from Ireland to Canada. Meaning on-the-plane-packed, not container-packed. They’re all either sentimental pieces or pieces I couldn’t be without for 4 months until our container arrived from Ireland. So I figured, if there was anyone else out there about to embark on a similar move and you’re thinking of packing less conventional things, you’re right at home here. 
What I did was I started to make a list of the design stuff I wanted to pack in my suitcase and bring with me immediately [vs. ship in the container]. I started this list in about March of this year and whenever I thought of something important or something I couldn’t live without, I added it to the list. It also came in handy because as time went on, I was able to prioritise what I really needed or wanted and ended up taking a few things off the list. 
These are the practical [and I will agree, wildly impractical] things I decided to bring with me. I’ll start with the pieces featured in the picture above … 
Floral tealight holder from Easons. I love this little tealight holder. I picked it up one day in Easons on O’Connell Street as I was picking up a small pregnancy snack / craving. I very nearly didn’t get it.
Antler jewelry holder from Penney’s [aka Primark]. This was actually a candle I bought in the Christmas section of Penney’s a few years ago. I bought it just so I could use it to hold my earrings.
Baby head vase from April & the Bear.
– A small chopping board from Sostrene Grene. This sounds weird, but I brought a small black chopping board. I used it to keep some paperwork flat, and it came in handy immediately when we moved in and had nothing. Not even plates. So I used our cutlery and chopping board to give Cora her food.
A set of cutlery. It might sound strange, but I packed 4 of my favourite forks, knives and spoons. They’ve a small cutlery set that I actually have had since I was little, but they’re something we used almost immediately after arriving to our apartment. 
Two wooden spoons. I inherited them from my mom and yes, it sounds silly, but they’re really good wooden spoons. Another two pieces we used almost immediately [for making prison levels of porridge – all we could make for the first 3 days].
– All my camera and laptop equipment and accessories including my tripod, mouse, mouse pad etc.
Brass scissors from Hay. We had to have scissors in our checked luggage to cut Juniper and Toshi out of their cages after the flight, so if you have to bring scissors, might as well make them pretty ones.
Letter board from April & the Bear. Just because I wanted to bring it. It’s huge but I made it fit.
2018 Paperchase diary. Because Paperchase doesn’t exist in Canada and they’re the best diaries.
– Both my iBride trays. I have yet to hang them up since moving, but I couldn’t be without them for 4 months. I’m trying to decide the best spot for them. 
– A collection of Christmas stuff. I really love Christmas so I brought a collection of my favourite Christmas cards that we hang up every year along with some small ornaments including Cora’s first ornaments. 
Paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. Robert and I filled a plastic sleeve folder with paperwork for his work permit, the cats vaccinations, Cora’s citizenship and birth details, college paperwork etc. But I also snuck a few paper design things in there too. Like our car bumper sticker and Cora’s swan mobile.
– Cora’s Stokke crib and allen keys. Yes, we brought Cora’s crib with us on the plane. It seems insane, but it was an idea I had early on and I’m so glad we brought it with us immediately. It ended up only costing us ‚ā¨60 to bring it on the plane [even though it was oversized and weighed more than 23kg]. When we got to our apartment at 23:30 that night, Robert and I assembled it and Cora immediately had somewhere to sleep. I couldn’t justify buying another crib while waiting for Cora’s to arrive.

TIP: we didn’t have the box for Cora’s Stokke crib since we bought it secondhand. I called Stokke, explained our situation, and they sent us an empty box for free [you should have seen the delivery guys face when he delivered and empty box. I pretended to freak out asking where our crib was. LOL]. 

Tools and paint brushes. I brought my hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, paint can opener and two paint brushes. All of which I used in the first few days so I’m very glad I brought them all. It might seem a bit over the top, but I use all of them all the time so it was a no-brainer for me. 
Throw pillow cases. I brought our dark green and pink pillow cases so we could feel a little bit at home as soon as we got there. A quick trip to IKEA for inserts and they were perfect [any excuse to go]. 
– Cora’s playmat from Elodie Details. I smushed this up and put it in with the crib, and I’m really glad we brought it as Robert and I slept on it for 2 weeks until we bought a mattress. It’s been on Cora’s floor in her new bedroom ever since and plays on it every day.  
Wood touch up pens from the Euro Store. This was another one of those things I thought am I insane for prioritising bringing these? But I’m glad I did as I’ve used them on all the secondhand wooden furniture I’ve bought so far. 
For some people, I completely understand some of these things seem completely unimportant to bring with you in your luggage when moving abroad. But every one of these pieces was either practical, or for us, would make us feel at home sooner. What about you? Is there anything you can think of right now that if you moved you knew you couldn’t leave behind? It’s amazing what I started to prioritise ūüėČ

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, London, with the #NetflixStreamTeam

Last week when we traveled to London as part of the Netflix Stream Team, we [Becky, Nicci, Geraldine, Sinead and I] were treated to a nights stay at the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch, London, and it was kind of really something else …  

The hotel was a contrast of dark and light with plenty of gold. Our rooms were beautiful and comfortable. I especially fell in love with the bathroom sink in my room. It was [almost] too beautiful to use, but I did at long last [after taking about 76 photos of it].

The small [mostly gold] details throughout the Nobu Hotel were beautiful. The morning we left, I made sure to give myself some time to take some photos [and was very nearly late because of it – oops].

On the Tuesday night during our stay, we were treated to cocktails in the basement bar [after champagne and Vietnamese food (not at the same time), which by the way, is so good that I want some right now] by Nicola. It was such a great 24 hours and I couldn’t have asked for better company or to have spent it in more beautiful surroundings.

If you’re ever staying in London and have the opportunity to stay in the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch, take it. 

#NetflixStreamTeam, London!

Earlier this week I had the rather surreal opportunity to be flown to London as a of new member of the Netflix UK and Ireland Stream Team. Myself and four fellow Irish bloggers [Sinead, Nicci, Becky and Geraldine] traveled with Nicola to London on Tuesday afternoon and were treated to a nights stay in the Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch [blog post on that soon!]. Mischief was had that evening and early the next morning we were on our way to the #NetflixStreamTeam event in a London penthouse apartment. As you do.

We first had a chance to explore the penthouse apartment and meet our fellow UK Stream Teamers. We gathered in the living room and introduced ourselves by saying what we were currently watching on Netflix [The Confession Tapes, Gilmore Girls and Schitts Creek].

We were then treated to some insider tips and tricks for using Netflix. Like, did you know you can delete a show from your history? Say if your partner or child or friend watched something on your account that messes up your recommendations, you can delete that show from your history. You can also personalise the colour of the subtitle font for each show. And, wait for it, you know how there’s a red star rating for every show you click through? That’s actually a suggested match for you [1 red star = you probably won’t like it and 5 red stars = you’ll probably love it]. I always thought the red star rating was other people’s ratings! That blew my mind.

We also talked about some new shows and seasons due to come out in the coming weeks and months [which I hope to be able to tell you soon! One of the returning documentaries I am beyond excited about, but I’m not sure if I can spill the beans on that, so I’ll play it safe].

It was then lunch time and we were spoiled. The food was delicious and there was a surprising amount of of vegan options. The catering staff were excellent and I ate my weight in vegetable and noodle spring rolls. What I wouldn’t do to have some for my dinner tonight.¬†From my photos it actually looks like I was there by myself, but I promise, there were a lot more people! After lunch, we broke into three groups and started the activities that were waiting for us …

Our first activity was to decorate Puss in Boots themed cookies. It was really fun [and yummy] and I instantly have more respect for anyone who works with icing for a living. That stuff is tough.

We next made a King Julien¬†inspired terrarium, where I learned all about where I’ve gone wrong with terrariums in the past; take off the rubber seal if there’s one on your jar, spritz the inside with water to start, keep the jar closed for 2 weeks at a time and occasionally open it for fresh air. My not very little terrarium actually survived my trip home in my hand luggage! Now if only it can survive living with me.

After our activities we talked and got to know the other bloggers / fellow Stream Teamers a bit more over a glass of champagne. Sometimes at events like this I can feel a bit overwhelmed, but this was really such a great size [I think it was 22 Stream Teamers altogether]. There were such cute activities and we were kept happily busy that I barely noticed the 6 hours that we were there pass by. And I could have honestly stayed longer. It was such a great atmosphere and I got to know so many lovely like-minded bloggers across the two days. It really was such a treat and I’m so excited to call myself a Netflix Stream Teamer now. Those thousands of hours watching Netflix are finally paying off.