A la carte

This is a story about a sad bar cart, laden with trinkets, looking for love. Our eyes met in Debra charity shop last weekend, and despite sporting no price tag, I brought this baby home for an absolute steel at €10. A good scrub and she was good as new. And may I say, I am pleased as punch it’s a part of our home. I feel like such a fancy grown up. 
As I wrote before, I’ve had a hankering for a bar cart recently. I was so very close to giving up my charity shop search and in fact was close to buying the IKEA Raskog kitchen cart, but I wasn’t willing to part with €60 for it. As they say, patience is a virtue. 

When it came to styling our new cart, I found it a bit of a challenge. When I first started, it kept looking way too feminine. It did look lovely and pretty, but that wasn’t what I was going for. I appreciate all things dainty and pink, but I can only handle a certain amount of it. I found a happy medium by making it as monochromatic as possible, while including a couple hits of red and plum to fit in with our living space. One of my favourite details – our mini skull cocktail skewers placed in a clay pigeon memento from when we went shooting years ago. All I’ll say is I am worryingly good with a rifle. To which I can probably thank our PS3. 

I’ve tried getting my head around what colour our cart is. I think it’s half way between a rose gold and silver. It’s definitely not straight up gold or silver, but it’s a perfect neutral hue that compliments both gold and silver accessories.  
It’s exactly what I was looking for and couldnt’ve been luckier. So much winning with this thrifted find. I can’t wait to decorate it for the different seasons and as Janine suggested, a tea cart. I have so many dainty porcelain pieces waiting to get all up on it. Keep your eyes peeled. xx A

Wishing you a …

It’s been cray around here lately, hence my MIA on the blog this week. But I’m adjusting, and I should be back to my usual blogging next week.

Some good news – I’ll be rolling out my new rug much sooner than I had expected – no complaining there! I also got my new graffiti/artwork home and hung. And FINGERS CROSSED our recent burst of cracking weather here in Dublin is due to hang around for our long weekend ahead. I foresee lots of long walks and chillaxing in parks. xx A

p.s. I’m a fraud. I don’t even drink tea. That’s chocolate milk. But damn, I’mma drink it fancy. 

Happy Easter!

Early this morning I pulled out some spring decorations and hid a couple of Easter treats for husband – the Easter bunny didn’t hide eggs in his house when he was growing up, so I’ve been spoiling him every Easter since. I should say, the Easter bunny usually isn’t so classy to leave Ferrero Rocher, it’s a case that our local shops were out of the regular kind, and bunny made do with what was available. 

I dug out one of my favourite charity shop purchases from when husband and I visited Canada in 2007 – a tin in the shape of a picnic basket from Goodwill. It’s seen better days as on the trip back to Ireland the lid got smushed in my luggage. I’ve been meaning for years to tap it back into shape. 
And below – my first ever stuffed animal, Honey Bunny. My dad bought her the day I was born and I’ve had her ever since. No better time of year to take center stage. 

I hope you all have a Happy Easter and an excellent long weekend full of chocolate and crafting. I’ve had my share of chocolate already today and the remainder of the weekend will be a gargantuan test of my incredibly low level of willpower. xx A