DIY Friday – I love lamp

Ah, Friday. You are here at last, which means I can share my DIY Friday! This weeks DIY is a lamp revamp to {hopefully} convert those of you who may be a bit paint shy when it comes to DIY. Don’t be scared. I got your back. 

As I hinted earlier this week, I sorted myself out with a small work space in our living room. I immediately started day dreaming about decorating my new desk space, and one of the key pieces on my list was a statement lamp. I preferred the idea of DIYing one, so I took to the streets of Dublin and below is what I found. Behold, the ‘before’ picture. Take it all in … 

I spotted this green giant in Age Action for €25. I immediately knew it would be perfect. Once I got home I was a bit uncertain with what I wanted to do with the lamp. I knew I wanted a black lamp shade, and that’s about it. So I took to Photoshop to design my lamp revamp without tearing my hair out and having to go back and repaint anything copious amounts of times {I know Maria will appreciate this level of design planning!}. 

I edited the above image and here are the options I came up with … 
1 – My usual favourite ‘Winegum’ spray paint popped into mind, but I thought slight overkill. I spray everything with that colour, and I also wanted something a bit more uplifting / less dark for my desk. 
2 – This time with white. Better. I liked the idea of keeping the original gold base and keeping the gold fixture at the top. But it was still a bit blah …

3 – All white for the sake of my Photoshopping spree. A bit too boring for me though if I’m honest. 
4 – I then focused on the lampshade and added a bit of sass. I like where this is going.
I then combined my two favourite mash ups {2 and 4} and thought to hell with it. Why not add my favourite winegum hue? There was no better place to use it than to cover up the current Exorcist-pea-green-soup cord. And here is what I came up with … 

Yeah. I got a bit carried away with Photoshop on the cord there. That’s what happens when you’re stuck at home sick for a couple of days.

I was very happy with my result and got to work. I taped off the gold base, the gold light fixture at the top, as well as the plug at the base of the cord. I used masking tape and tin foil to cover all the important bits. 

I gave the lamp two coats of ‘Sh. White’, and the cord one coat of my favourite ‘Winegum’ hue {both Montana brand spray paint}. While that was drying, I tackled the lamp shade. I had picked up a black lampshade from Dunnes Stores for €8 and while I was housebound, I e-mailed husband some ‘man instructions’ and sent him to Hickeys to pick up one meter of black bauble trim {he did so well}. I used extra strong adhesive to fix the bauble trim to the bottom of the lamp shade {pictured drying upside down} and used paper clips to make sure it stayed in place. I let both the lampshade and lamp base dry overnight. 

Then all I did after that was assemble it. I’m quite proud with how it turned out! If you keep an open mind it just goes to show what can be done on the cheap. You don’t need an unlimited budget or a mountain of supplies. If this makes you tick, I would strongly suggest visiting Pat’s totes amaze blog – In My Wheele House, which is full of fab furniture DIY’s that will have you running to your nearest antique or junk shop.

Early next week I’ll be sharing my new little office space so keep your eyes peeled! And with that I’ll leave you with some of my favourite Dublin graffiti, which is quite apt for today’s post. An oldie but a goody. Happy Friday, homies! xx A

Kitschen shelves

Last weekend I spent some long overdue focus on our kitchen. I enjoy silly things like fussing over arranging a display, and sadly our kitchen was lacking this attention. Since I have so many little fecky kitchen things I’d love to show off, cheap shelves were purchased, colour was applied {‘winegum’ spray paint from Montana}, father’s skills and drills were summoned, and kitsch was applied to the kitchen. 
This space had hanging storage already, but it was driving me insane as it never looked tidy. You may have noticed, our shelves are placed up against a door. We haven’t opened said door in 4 years, so this is not a concern {it’s just a secondary entrance to our hallway}. 

I’m not finished tweaking and rearranging the shelves just yet, but for the moment I’m very happy with how its turned out. I like the balance of old lady / nerdy stuff / old and new mix that’s going on. I’m contemplating adding either a painting above or below, or some action along the lines of bunting / dangly stuff, but I think I’ll let the shelves settle in first. 
xx A
Top shelf – coral {thrifted}, vintage vase {thrifted},  matroyshka measuring cups {ordered online}, tea cup plates {thrifted}, Star Wars Cookbook {ordered online}, other cookbooks {store bought}. Bottom shelf – Marcel Wanders candle {store bought}, milk pourer kitty {gifted}, teacups and saucers {thrifted}, cheese plate {thrifted}, skull salt and pepper shakers {thrifted}, and weighing scales {inherited}.

Living room makeover – painting update

At long last, our canvas is at peace. After my previous attempt, I knew exactly how I wanted to paint it, and finally finished it late last night.

I’ve really enjoyed uncomplicated artwork as of late, so I thought why not magic some up for myself. I wanted it to pop, for it to remain monochromatic, and something artsy fartsy yet simple going on in the middle. I also chose to hang it up compared to it previously sitting on our shelf, which I think has made a huge difference. 

At the moment I’m conscious of it looking a bit pretentious. But I’m really, really happy with it this time around, so that’s trumping my hesitations. 

And below, the ‘work’ I had done on it previously. I felt a whole mess of guilt painting over it at first thanks to your incredibly sweet and thoughtful comments, but for me, it’s previous state made me want to barf a little I felt wasn’t to its full potential. 

I finished painting late last night, and when husband saw it this morning all I heard was “Woah. That looks a lot better” from down the hallway. Happy face.

I hope you guys had a relaxing and / or refreshing weekend! It’ll be Mothers Day on Sunday here in Ireland so I’m determined for no last minute malarky this year. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve … 

xx A